How to Use FCA SGW Login for Autel on Europe?

Question 1: How can I use FCA SGW on my Autel scanner? I’m in Europe. I see autoauth but is only for US.
Question 2: There is no way to use fca login for Autel on Europe?
Question 3: AutoAuth in Europe does not work on Autel and the question is do you have any other way?

Autel Fca Autoauth European 1

Here is the clue.
Some users said FCA Autoauth does work on European vehicles.

You need to select USA when you specify the region even if you are in a different country. You’ll gain access through the Gateway and all FCA/Stellantis vehicles in your tablet will be available. Autel doesn’t have region specific tablets, they are all global versions with some exceptions for region specific software.

For example:
Here is an Autoauth account, registered and working on the Autel IM508s. An expert literally used it yesterday to diagnose and replace an ambient temp sensor on a 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 and reset the oil life monitor after service.

When register for AutoAuth choose US Market. When you scan FCA vehicles also select US Market. Hasn’t been and issue so far.

FCA Autoauth European

This requires a subscription and registration, or you use a Bypass Cable (12+8 cable to Star Connector). Star cable bypasses the sgw connecting scanner to diagnostic CAN lines on the star connector.

You don’t need to contact autel. You can go here, register account, pay your sub, go to shop profile, fill out detail. Next go to manage tools, click add, select autel, then all models, then add your autel tool serial number. It’ll save details to your account. Next time you connect to a car behind the stellantis gateway, it’ll ask you to log in with the autoauth account you created. Click remember user and login and it will remember your account for any future vehicles.

$50 sub gets you 5 users and 5 tools able to be registered. Vehicle access is unlimited.

edit: keep in mind you NEED internet access to log in and gain access through the gateway. The easiest for us if we are out on the road is just setup a wireless hotspot on our mobile for autel to connect through. Data usage is pretty minor.


Check detailed guide: Autel Scan Tools Bypass SGW FCA Security Gateway Access

Autel Fca Autoauth

FCA Autoauth European 2

What if Autoauth doesn’t work on your European model and you don’t want to spend time searching for SGW location, you can purchase European FCA SGW unlock service to use

FCA authentication by obd.

1 year subscription ONLY. You must pay every year this additional subscription.  Serial Number on device required and allow 14-21 working days for activation.

FCA Unlock