Xhorse MVCI Pro vs Godiag GD101 J2534

Xhorse MVCI Pro and Godiag GD101 J2534 passthru device which is better?


Check the table comparison:

Item Xhorse MVCI Pro

Xhorse Mvci Pro

Godiag GD101 J2534

Godiag J2534

Brand Xhorse Godiag
Toyota techstream software Yes Yes
Honda HDS software Yes Yes
VAG ODIS software Yes Yes
Ford IDS software Yes Yes
Mazda IDS software Yes Yes
Subaru SSM4 software Yes Yes
JLR SDD software   Yes
Renault Clip software   Yes (Godiag j2534 with Renault Clip)
Nissan Consult iii+/R2R


  Yes (godiag j2534 with Nissan Consult+)
Volvo VIDA software   Yes
GM GDS2 software   Yes
Xentry passthru   Yes
PCM-flash   Yes
ELM327 Mode (scanmaster, Forscan etc)   Yes
Compatible with OEM software for online programming No No
Operating system Win7/Win8/Win9/Win10 Windows 8/10/11, 32/64bit (Better Not Install Driver on Win7!)
Driver Xhorse MVCI driver Godiag J2534 driver
Update Software update by link

Firmware update online

Software update by link

Firmware update online

Price $88 $20USD

In sum:

MVCI Pro does better performance on VAG ODIS and Subaru SSM4.

MVCI Pro supports Ford and Mazda IDS software. Godiag does not.

MVCI Pro is powered by license, and supports Ford Mazda Subaru, VAG, Toyota and Honda brands only. Godiag is compatible with JLR SDD, GDS2, Xentry passthru, VIDA, Renault Clip and Nissan software as well.

Godiag j2534 is cheaper than mvci pro. You can get both.


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