Autel Scanners McLaren Diagnostic Coverage

Autel is one of the first mainstream tools to cover diagnostic functions for Mclaren.


Autel have released their first initial offering for Mclaren, it is the first release including diagnostic support for 19 models, inluding spider 675LT, 600LT Coupe, Coupe 650s, Spider 540c, GT, GTR, Coupe 625C, etc. Adds diagnostic support for models up to Mclaren 2022 MY. Supports functions for Mclaren Autoscan, Trouble codes, Ecu information, live data and hot functions which include service light reset and parking brake release.


Here is a listing of various Autel diag models. We would want to verify with Autel before purchase as to whether the reset function works!


With the Autel diagnostic connections, it will only improve with updates.

These Autel diagnostic functions are only available on Autel MS908S, MS908S Pro, MS908S II, MS908S Pro II, MK908 II, MK908 Pro II, MaxiSys Elite, Elite II, Elite II Pro, MS909, MS919, Ulta, Ultra Lite models. 

**MX808, MK808, 906 series will not do McLaren diagnostic.

Mclaren Diagnostic Coverage Autel Ultra

Autel Ms919 Mclaren 3

Autel Ms919 Mclaren 2  Autel Ms919 Mclaren 4 Autel Ms919 Mclaren 5

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Autel Mclaren Coverage 0


McLaren, Service McLaren V1.00 software update

1. It is the first release, supporting the diagnosis of 19 models: Spider 675LT, 600LT Coupe,
Coupe 650S, Spider 540C, GT, GTR, Coupe 625C, etc. Adds diagnostic support for models up to 2022.
2. Supports functions: AutoScan, Trouble codes, ECU information, Live data, and hot functions.Service.McLaren
1. Supports quick access for Service.
Service McLaren
1. Supports quick access for Service…

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