OBDSTAR DiagProgram Cannot Be Installed Space Full Solution

Here comes the solution to the storage full problem when updating OBDSTAR DP (DiagProgam) software.

Error “DiagProgram could not be installed. Clear space and try again.”

Obdstar DiagProgram Could Not Be Installed

When the device software is running, a large amount of cache is generated when communicating with the car or module. After long-term accumulation, the C drive has insufficient memory and cannot be installed.


1. Provide the serial number of the corresponding OBDSTAR device. We will send you the appropriate upgraded firmware and operating instructions based on the machine model. The problem of insufficient memory on the C drive can be solved by flashing the firmware.

2. After flashing the firmware, the device will be reset to its factory state. You need to reconnect to WiFi and log in to your account in the DP software. Then re-download all programs.

3. After flashing the firmware, all files backed up by the device will be cleared. Please back up the important files to a USB flash drive or computer before flashing.


What other benefits can flashing firmware bring to you?
1. First, after flashing, we will reallocate the hard disk space. The problem of insufficient space when installing DP will no longer appear.
2. The new firmware program includes OTA function, which can support one-click system upgrade. If the device is subsequently upgraded with more auxiliary functions or system optimization, customers do not need to flash the firmware to upgrade, and can directly download it with one click on the device intranet.
Please send email to service@obdstar.com to provide your serial number and they will send you the flashing file.