How to Repair BMW CAS4 if Killed by OBD Downgrade?

Here comes similar problems:

Problem 1:
vvdi2 killed my CAS4. How to fix corrupt flash?
The car is F10 from 2011. The CAS in number 4.
I was trying to make a spare key today using new option in Xhorse VVDI2.
To do that the tool has to unlock the CAS unit but with my version first it asked for upgrade. So I started the upgrade and the time error showed on the 2nd level of flashing.
I tried several more times but no luck. How to fix corrupt flash?
Bmw Cas4 Module

Problem 2:
I was trying to make a key today using vvdi2, when updating the CAS its good, but when add key the car not start , I tried several more times but no luck.  How to repair the unit?


Your P-flash is corrupted.
Try to program P-flash.  upload another flash from the processor with the same number and then upload D-flash. and everything will be as before.

A lot of procedure can do but you must have other tools like cgdi bmw, hexprog auto hex, ista+ etc.

Or send eeprom and flash to experts who can dump a good flash.


For example:

1). Problem solved by flashing original back up on donors cas.


Started from CAS4 -create all data from scratch. Flash updates to couple of units (with ista+).
Car is alive again.
All works.

Fix Bmw Cas4


Problem 3:

I added a key to a 2012 bmw 750li using vvdi2. I did removed cas4 module from car then worked cas on bench using Godiag cas4 programming test platform according to vvdi2 I needed to unlocked cas which I did but before I unlocked cas I did back up coding then unlocked cas with no problem then I generated dealer key using VVDI2. Original and spare key both work normal lock,unlock and starts the car. The problem is that transmission won’t shift out of park and I get this codes.

Transmission Wont Shift Out Of Park


Use any diagnostic tool to ” activate gear”, Autel and Launch X431 can do this, people have tried both.

This happens when unlocking does not go right.
Dont use this.
Just read cas on bench no need to downgrade.




Another CAS4 failure after odometer correction.

Problem with bmw cas4+ module, after mileage reset with cgdi, keyless/remote does not work anymore. I can start car only with key put near steering column. Now cas shows its using frequency 16983 instead 868, when i try to add key it shows me message that current key frequency does not match. Ive tried restore coding, reflash/update with esys. no luck, i think my dflash is corrupt.
Problem solved, repaired frequency in dump and added key and all ok.