Autel IM508 Toyota 2022 ECU Software Number Not Supported?

One of the customers reported that he failed to program a 2022 Toyota 4Runner US proximity and ran into this problem on the Autel IM508.

Error: The current smart main ECU software version number is Not Supported?

Autel Im508 2022 Toyota 4runer Software Not Supported


Confirmed by Autel engineer. Autel won’t backup immo data for this software version as it said the ECU software number is not supported.

Autel won’t do it on some of the new ones you’ll have to get a in and out code from a third party and do all keys lost then do add a key.

Get code send to a vendor or nastaf for outcode. Reset box, add key. Will need to send off code again for the outcode. Program key.

Same as SmartPro, it will also ask to input the data through NASTF.



Here is an online resource where you can get Toyota incode and outcode.