Autel Xhorse BMW BDC OBD No Communication Solution

Here come similar problems:

1). Autel failed via OBD

BMW BDC (with manual gearbox) crashed during adding new key with Autel IM608 Pro via OBD. Now no communication with car via obd.  I have backup coding read via OBD.

What is the way to repair BDC?

2). VVDI2 failed via OBD

Bmw x1 2019 Vvdi2 Ad key failed by obd bdc no communication (SWFL lost)

Vvdi2 Bmw Bdc No Communication 2 Vvdi2 Bmw Bdc No Communication 3



You need to bench read flash and repair then write back to BDC. 
You bricked it when trying to unlock it it happens sometimes.
Only bench can save you now.

If the car is with manual gearbox also must renew the steering lock. (If the car is with manual gearbox must have steering lock.)

After renew the BDC the steering will not work and must do it virgin.


If still don’t have communication by OBD, buy the same BDC and reprogram it with ISN from the engine ECU.


Check if you have a connection on the bench, if you don’t have conection on the bench this BDC can’t be repaired and must buy new one.

BDC Connection

BDC pinout to make bench cable


Godiag FEM/BDC test platform is recommended when setting up bench work.

Bmw Fem Test Platform Bmw Fem Test Platform 2


Always better on bench. If need to program BDC via OBD, choose ACDP2 module 31 using DoIP method. It is 100% safe (confirmed by Yanhua technician)

Yanhua ACDP Program BMW BDC Key and Change KM by OBD



Xhorse – update swl with e-sys
Autel – update by itself.

and then removed bdc job on bench and done!

Autel Im608 Bmw Fem Bench 1 Autel Im608 Bmw Fem Bench 2 Autel Im608 Bmw Fem Bench 3