CG FC200 Success and Failure Report

CG FC200 is not a very expensive tool for a newbie and small workshop. It is easy to use, cable quality is awesome, read and write fast, it will do checksum calculation, VIN change, read PIN, CS, Mac and more.

Cg Fc200 Read Me 7 9 9 On Bench 1

Here we post successful and failed jobs with the FC200.



Edc16c2 reading and writing ok (with mpc adapter)
Delco e83 opel read and write ok
Edc16c34 reading and writing ok (with mpc adapter)
Pcr 2.1 read/write normally, Need to correct the checksum manually
Immo off edc17c10 ok
Dodge charger 2020 ZF 8hp TCM. Read and write OK
Md1Cs004 h30 read / write Leon 2021
Edc17C64 golf 7 reading and writing ok.
Audi Q7 edc17cp54 passes very well
md1cs003 Berlingo 2021 read and write ok
Edc17cp14 R/w checksum
Edc16c35 BMW e90 320d,manual Cheksum, this ecu does not appear available but I read and write after edc16cp35
Mercedes classe A 2012 calculator Delphi CRD3.6 read and write ok
Edc17cp14 hyundai reading immo off tprot off writing ok.
EDC17CP44 AUDI Read/write/chk ok
Fc200 read and write ok EDC17C64
Reading MD1CS003 nickel with cf 200
Edc17cp14. Nice and easy, butter smooth.
Bmw edc17cp02 reading and writing ok and with ISN change.
Range rover edc17cp11 read ok
Reading delphi crd 3.58 very fast
Edc 17cp14 passes without a problem
EDC17C46 VW read write ok
Edc17cp14 audi a4 v6 tdi
Reading med17.4.2 Peugeot 508 in boot mode.
Opel crossland 2018 EDC17C60 TC1793 addblue dpf egr off
2017 Ford Focus 2.0L ECM Clone VIN change with FC-200
FC200 by EDC 17C55 ECM read & write & vin number change
Peugeot 308 EDC17C60 Full Backup & Password Reading on Bench
FC200 read isn all keys lost 2016 BMW 328I F30 N26.
MEVD17.2.5 DME N13 Engine Cloning OK
Delphi CRD3.6 Read and write with FC200
Cloning Second Generation DQ200 TCM
FC200 read BMW MSV80 DME ISN and VIN on bench
Hyundai I10/I20 Automatic M7.9.8 read and write
SIM271 KE2.0 Cloning By FC200 Programmer
FC200 Cloning Med17.5.20 Ecu
BMW F Series 6HP EGS Clone on bench
Fiat Doblo EDC17C49 Full backup Bench and Password Reading
Mercedes benz ecm delphi crd2.16 read write with fc200 | Clone with boot mode
Renault ME17.9.20 TC1782 Fully Backup Bench
Meg17.9.12 Hyundai I10 grand TCM read write with fc200
Hyundai VERNA 840 ECM READ BY FC200
SIM271DE2.0 Read write by FC200
FC-200 GM E38 read and write.
MEVD17.2.5 DME N13 Engine Clone by CG FC-200
Clone MEVD17.2.5 DME N13 Engine
Clone Audi Gearbox DL382 ON BENCH
Mercedes benz ecm delphi CRD3.10 OM651 Clone by fc200
Fiat ECU EDC17C69-3.K2 TC1793 Bench for Backup
Read and Write VW GOLF7 GTD 2.0L 184CH EDC17C64 with FC200
BMW Bosch ME17.8.8 TC1728 read and write
ECU MED17.5.21 Cloning By FC200 Programmer For Seat Leon (5F) mk3 1.2 TSI
reading BMW MSV80 ISN .
Mahindra Tuv 300 EDC 17c63 Ecu Read & Write by FC200
BMW MSD87.2 DME clone with FC200
GPEGD2.20.4 Venue ECM read and Write by FC200
did bmw g12 MD1CP002 with no problem on bench
Did 17c50 and checsum did online…need wait foe a 10seconds
did md1cs006 eeprom and flash
bench read vag edc17c14 for testing ok.
Tested ok Vw crafter dc17c54, Vag edc17c14, Bmw edc17, Ford edc17
R/W Edc17c06 Cheksum ok
Read and Write Crd3.20 Sprinter, Read/Write, checksum ok
Audi a6 competition Edc17CP44 R/W ok, checksum ok
BMW zf 8hp R/W ok
Vw EDC17C74 R/W checksum
Audi a4 EDC17cp14 R/W ok, checksum ok
Audi A7 2011 EGR OFF STAGE1 Engine v6 TDI ECU :EDC17CP44 TDI
VW Golf GTD 2015 read and write DPF EGR off EDC17C64
Mercedes CLA W176 2012 Delphi CRD3.6 read and write ok
Edc16c35-> this ecu model appears in the list as unsupported.use the protocol for edc16cp35 and it will work., R/w ok, checksum manually
clones MQB DQ250 TCM for Skoda Kodiaq 2020 ok
read Chevrolet Equinox ACDelco E38 on bench
bmw 6hp egs is only backup and isn reset
Audi_A6_Avant_3.0_TDI_Allrad_2013 4G0907311E EDC17CP44 Read Bench: ok

read write Bosch MED17.8.31 checksum ok



gm 6t70 tcm clone not ok
Delphi Crd2.35 checksum error, fixed by kess v3
Failed to read ACDelco E92 (not supported)
No Lucky on GPEC2
failed to connect land rover zf 8hp tcu



Keep updating…


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