PCM Read Ford SID211 in Boot Mode (BSL)

User feedback: Sid211 TC1791 Ford Transit 2018 Adblue Off, a lot of work, but it worked the first time.

PCM will read it via OBD if ecu is unlocked, or module 53 BSL to read/write or unlock.

This Ecu is Unlock. To read and Write tc1791 boot mode. once unlocked you can now write via obd with the reading obtained by bench.

To read the ECU first you must read the password. You can do it via OBD on car and on table. Then you can read ECU.
Boot read file is the same as OBD read.

Bench Boot Read & Unlock + Obd Write using pcm.

Pcmtuner Sid211 Ford Transit 2018

Flex and kt200, kess3, Bitbox, foxflash can read/write this ECU by OBD.
What was most difficult is opening. a lot of glue. Once opened it was easy.  If you don’t have those tools you can do it in boot mode and everything turned out well.


Wiring diagram:
This ecu for bsl need boot pins on both sides of ecu pcb.

Pcmtuner Sid211 Ford 2 Pcmtuner Sid211 Ford 3


Kt200 Ford Transit Sid211 Pinout 1

Pcmtuner Ford Sid211 Boot 1 Pcmtuner Ford Sid211 Boot 2 Pcmtuner Ford Sid211 Boot 3 Pcmtuner Ford Sid211 Boot 4



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