How to Solve Foxflash Bricks GM ACDelco E98 ECU After OBD Write?

Here comes a similar problem:

“I read this GM ACDelco E98 ECU with foxflash tool by OBD and modified the original file. When writing the modified file (OBD altered file) and for some reason it got it wrong halfway… Stopped being able to do the central ID for OBD.  I bricked the ECU.
How can I recover the ECU?”

Foxflash Gm Acdelco E98 Ecu

Possible reason:

1. Wrong file or checksum

2. Voltage issue



Foxflash will read and write ACDelco E98 via OBD if there is VR file in the database. Be careful. Need 3 amper 13 volt. 

This ECU is safe in Full System bench mode. 

Solution 1

If you brick ECU after writing OBD modified data, need to write through Full System mode.

Kt200 Delco E98 Pinout 2

Foxflash AC Delco E98 full system bench mode pinout.


User feedback: I was able to write through Full System.



Solution 2:

When you can’t read the password by obd you have to open the ecu and boot. It happens in a CORSA E E98.

Before write if you have i/o terminal you need to read shadowflash to boot if foxflash stops on write.

I/o terminal can recovery this ecu in boot mode but you need full read.



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