Top 4 Tools to Bypass GM 2021- CAN FD 24-Digit PIN Code

How to bypass GM 24-digit body module  BCM security verification code for 2021- new GM CAN FD models?

Autel CANNOT do the new GM  immo system. the ONLY aftermarket tools that can do it are obdstar,  xtool and autopropad. here provides top 4 tools to bypass new GM pin code.


1). Xtool tools

The $500 or less Xtool D7D8D9D9 Pro can do CanFD, even 2023. (Stand alone the D8 & D9 ) (with CanFD the D7). X100 PAD3, A80, A80 Pro will also do this.

D7 does this fine. The D7 didn’t have the CAN FD so you had to get a different cable and use Xtool CAN FD adapter.

There’s no provision to get the pin from General Motors. I’d get a Xtool programmer (I’ve used D7 and D8). The D8 is a bit easier to get going but I’d also consider a D7s as it says it has Can-Fd built in. I did 3 of these today with my D8. Check It out, there was a small issue but it ended up working fine.

Follow CAN FD Models are supported by Xtool, keep updating

2021+ Buick Envision
2020+ Cadillac CT4/CT5
2022 Cadillac XT4/XT5/XT6
2020+ Cadillac Escalade
2020+ Chevy Corvette
2021+ Chevy Tahoe
2022+ Chevy Silverado
2022 Chevy Suburban
2022 GMC Sierra
2021-2022 GMC Yukon




2). OBDSTAR & CAN FD Adapter

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro4 and CAN FD adapter will program key for new GMs without 24-digit pin code. OBDstar fantastic for US made cars especially helpful with newer models.

Obdstar Can Fd Adapter Program Gm 2021 2020 Key 01

The GM adapter is compatible with the following new GM models:

Brand Models Year Function
Cadillac Escalade 2021- Proximity key programming
CT4 2021-
CT5 2021-
GMC Yukon 2021- Proximity key programming
Sierra 2021-
Denali 2021-
Buick Envision 2021- Proximity key programming
GLY (LSY) 2021-
Chevrolet Cavalier 2021- Proximity key programming
Tahoe 2021-
Silverado 2021-
Suburban 2021-
Trax/Tracker 4A 2020- Blade/Proximity key programming & oil/airbag reset
Equinox 2020-
ONIX 2020-
S10 2020-
SPIN 2020-
Pontiac Montana 2020- Blade/Proximity key programming

V33.45 IMMO software adds Cadillac Escalade 2021-2022, Chevrolet Corvette 2021-2022, GMC Canyon 2020-2022 proximity (with CAN FD Adapter).





3). AutoPro PAD Basic and Full

Yes Basic, (despite what the CanFD tools sales website says) can do CANFD PROTOCOLS with the CANFD ADAPTER.
app basic with regular cord then canfd adaptor to Obd.
Must have good cellular/internet connection. We had trouble pulling the pin using mifi Internet boxed but works? fine on cellular hotspot (we all have iPhones with the “Maximum Compatibility” option selected).
I purchased the Xtool CanFD Adapter and together with the Xtool Auto ProPad Basic I was able to program a 2021 Cadillac CT5 today. Same Process as usual GM vehicles with the CanFD adapter.



4). SPS2

Can be done with sps2, no need code or nastf. Only subscription.

If you have a laptop and J2534 passthru device  (MDI2, Autel Jbox, VXDIAG etc) you can do it from acdelcotds through Techline Connect.


For example:

Had one today, IM608 required 3rd party to calculate out code, Techline with the Autel JVCI and CAN FD adapter added key in 15 min including the 10 min wait, not including the 5 hour wait for Techline server to come back up. I swear these outages are intentional to deter aftermarket, I couldn’t imagine franchise dealers have these interruptions.