How to Set up JLR Mangoose SDD V130 for Key Programming?

Here comes an old Jaguar XJ key programming review using clone JLR Mangoose sdd cable.


“I’ve had my 1999 X308 for 17 years, and have avoided any help with service, and have kept her sorted with just a generic scanner.

I successfully loaded V125 and then went in search of a cable. My car is a 1999 XJ8. I tried the Ford “VCM” cable, no joy.
Then I bought a Mangoose from for $40. Took a couple of weeks to get here (UK).

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Cable 1
As shown, it comes with some pretty authentic-looking Mongoose badges, and comes with a DVD with drivers and a copy of V164. I stuck with V125, and the LED’s in the Mangoose change from flashing red to green when connected to the laptop.

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Cable Setup 2

In fact, as shown, the SDD recognizes the cable as a MongoosePro JLR.
Also, in the SDD “System Information”, it records Mongoose Pro JLR as the Gateway Device.
So, my car, being a 1999 X308, SDD takes me to IDS. And from there, when prompted to check trouble codes, it freezes:

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Cable Setup 3
A little further searching of the program freeze problem…Others using IDS for the first time have had this occur when trying to read codes.

I tried several tricks to fix the protocolaccessserver error, like setting the XP firewall “Off”, and reinstalling V125 and the Mongoose msi. No joy.

I found and installed IDS_DVD130_FULL with these other programs (the SDD V130 worked without these other programs, but I figured the other programs weren’t just included for “cocktail chatter”, so I added those too):

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Cable Setup 4
No small task to find, download and install these 8Gb total-size files.


Jlr Mangoose Sdd Cable Setup 5
This is a screen shot of V130 IDS reading trouble codes (DTC) on a Second scan… Note the blue bar at the bottom with “Please Wait”. So, this screen shot shows both the reading process and the result from the previous scan.

Five of the 6 systems were successfully read. (Note, Climate Control Module had an error, and was never able to be read– not an issue, at least, not for me…)

The 3 DTC’s shown in the screen shot were: P1000, and two other old DTC’s (Mfg specific) that a generic scanner will not clear, but were cleared in IDS! Who knew??? After 17 year of ownership, my vehicle is DTC-free, maybe for the first time!!!


Now, Let’s get down to the key programming part.

I have one working key for my 1999 XJ8 (VIN: SAJHD1049XC878441). I’ve only had one key for 17 years, but a few years back, I got a key cut, but never got ‘round to programming.

So now, I have SDD V130 and Mongoose cable. I’m a newbie with SDD, but I’ve successfully read the trouble codes (and cleared them), and found the Security setting for Transponder Programming.


Final Report:

My total cost for a DIY additional key was under $100, including key blank, cutting, and setting up SDD V130 and JLR Mongoose cable (laptop not included).

Meganos ID13 is correct for 1997-1999 vehicles, and Meganos ID48 is for 2000 up. My VIN shows it’s one of the last 1999 made at VIN 878441.

So, for completeness, here’s the procedure to program the key(s) when you have the cut key and the proper transponder (along with ALL old and new keys):

*From version 137, SDD cannot do offline programming. So stuck on older version if need to program keys.

Go to the tab in SDD (arrowed) and the highlighted section:

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Program 1999 Jaguar Key 1


That will take you to Security:

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Program 1999 Jaguar Key 3

And, IDS will take you through the rest:

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Program 1999 Jaguar Key 4

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Program 1999 Jaguar Key 5

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Program 1999 Jaguar Key 6

Jlr Mangoose Sdd Program 1999 Jaguar Key 7
Many thanks to all contributors for this guide, and we hope this post can help others, benefits us all.