How to Activate Motorcycle Software in Launch X431?

As titled, how to activate Motorcycle software in Launch x431 diagnostic tools? Here is the clue.


Compatible devices:

Launch X431 V, X431 V+, Pros V1.0, PROS V5.0, Pro3s+, Pro5, PAD V, PAD VII etc


Supported Motorcycle brands:

Harley Davidson


How to Activate Motorcycle Software?

Purchase each Motorcycle diagnostic software in “Mall”

BMW Motor $44.6
Harley Davidson Motor $44.6
Honda Motor $44.6
Kawasaki Motor $44.6
Suzuki Motor $44.6
Yamaha Motor $44.6

Launch X431 Motorcycle Software

To diagnose Motorcycles with Launch X431 you also need extra motor adapters.

Launch X431 Honda Adapter

Honda 4 PIN Connector

Launch X431 Kawasaki Adapter

Kawasaki 4+6PIN Connector

Launch X431 Suzuki Adapter

Suzuki 4+6 PIN Connector

Launch X431 Yamaha Cable

Yamaha 4+3+3+1+1 connector

Launch X431 Harley Cable 16 To 4 Pin



Hayley Davidson OBDII 16PIN to 4 PIN Connector

Launch X431 Harley Cable 16 To 6 Pin



Hayley Davidson BDII16 PIN to 6 PIN connector


More Euro V and VI motor adapters will be available soon.


Check motorcycle function and coverage here:

Launch X431 Motorcycle List

For example:

diagnose a Harley Davidson XL1200 Sportster using the X-431 PAD V LINK.

Launch X431 Harley 1 Launch X431 Harley 2