Lonsdor LT20 Series Smart Keys Car List [February 2024]

Lonsdor tech released LT20 series smart keys for Toyota, Lexus and Subaru.

Lonsdor Lt20 Smart Keys

Compatible with Lonsdor K518ISE, K518S, KH100+ (KH100 only convert 8A or 4D chip type)


Function of the new Lonsdor LT20 smart key:
1. Get Version Info
2. Read Button Type
3. Convert Button Functions
4. Unlock key
5. Upgrade Smart Key
6. Modify Frequency
7. Smart Key Copy
8. Convert Smart Key Type
9. Modify Remote Count Data
10. Generate Emergency Key
11. Generate Smart Key

Lonsdor Lt20 Vehicle List

Lonsdor LT20 series smart keys vehicle list:


Chip type: 4D

Board number: 3370, 0410, A433/F433, 5290

Vehicle List:

Toyota Camry, Land Cruiser
IS300C(09) IS300(08,10)
RX350(11,15) GX460(10-11, 13)
RX270(09,11-15) RX450(09)
RX450H(15) CT200(12,14-15)
CT200H(12) GS430(06)
GS300(08) ES240(10-12)
ES250(08) ES350(06-09,12)
Toyota Camry(06-11)
Toyota Land Cruiser(08,10-15)
Toyota Prado(06-13)
Toyota Prius(10-15)
Toyota Crown(09-11, 14)
Toyota Highlander(08-10,14)
Toyota Reiz(10-11)



Chip type: 4D /8A

Board number:
5801 (4D)

7000 (8A)


Subaru STI (19-21)
Subaru WRX (19-20)
Subaru Legacy (18-21)
Subaru Outback (18-21)
Subaru Ascent (19-21)
Subaru Crosstrek (18-21)
Subaru Forester (19-21)
Subaru Impreza (17-21)



Chip type:  4D

Board Number: 0780

Vehicle List:

Toyota Previa(07-14)
Toyota Alphard(06-13, 15)
Toyota Vellfire(09-14)




Board number: 2110 0020 0010 0101 7930 0182 0011

Toyota Prado(14-15,17)
Toyota Crown (12-13,15-19)
Toyota Land Cruiser(13)
Toyota Highlander(13,15-21)
Toyota Prado(13-16,19-21)
Yaris L(15-22) Vios(2016-)
Vios FS(2017-) In nova (16)
Toyota Reiz(12-14)
Toyota RAV4(13-18)
Toyota Levin(16-18)
Toyota Camry(12-16)
Toyota Corolla(14-18)
Fortuner(16-) Hilux(15-20)



Chip type: 4D

Board number: 5691

Vehicle List:
Toyota Sienna(10-19)



Chip Type: 4D/8A


Toyota Previa(12-14, 16-22)
Toyota Alphard(12, 16-21)
Toyota Vellfire(15-21)



Chip type: 8A

Board number: 0440

Vehicle list:
Lexus ES200 (18-20)
Lexus ES300H(18-20)
Lexus UX(19-)
Lexus LS500H(17)
Lexus LS500(19) Lexus LC (18-)



Chip type: 8A
Board number: 0410
Vehicle List:
Toyota Camry(18-19) CHR(22)
Toyota Izoa (18-22) RAV4(20-22)
Toyota Wildlander(18-22)
Toyota Avalon(18-22)


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