Foxflash Chrysler GPEC3 Clone, Swap and Change VIN

Foxflash tutorial: how to clone, swap and change VIN for Chrysler GPEC3 ECMs.


Model example: 2015 Jeep Renegade ECM GPEC3

Same procedure can be applied to Chrysler Dodge Jeep GPEC3 ECMs.

For Foxflash GPEC3 vehicle list, check here

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Disassemble and open GPEC 3 ECM. Then clone it and also change the VIN number.

Follow wiring diagram to connect foxflash with ECM module.

CONTINENTAL GPEC3 – FCA, Dodge [ SPC5674 ] Pinout

Foxflash Gpec3 Pinout 1

Foxflash Gpec3 Pinout 2

Get the foxflash manager open and get it activated.

Select Tools Boot Mode


Dodge or Jeep Continetal GPEC3

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 1

You can press Infor and check pinout.

We’ve got two powers on ground, CAN High and CAN Low.

You can pause that and there’s a location on the board.  We’re gonna solder up right here the CNF1.


Hit okay and connect the ECM.


Sometimes connect fails you’ve got to try multiple times but once it finally does connect you’ll be able to read.

Power off and on on the switch with a breakout cable.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 2

Press Read All. It is now reading. It takes a while to read the whole thing. If you just want to change the VIN you could just read the eeprom and modify the eeprom.

Finish reading at 17 minutes.

Now the second read -eeprom reading which is a smaller memory area. Looks like a lot faster at reading.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 3

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 4

Open the file now so here it is what it downloaded and you can see all together comes to 4,132kb and eeprom 4k, the flash is pretty much right at 4,128KB.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 5

Open the file. This is the current bin as you can see. Here are memory locations where it’s at it’s in there one two three four four times in the eeprom.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 6

Go ahead and change it for the sake of time. Here is the VIN now.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 7


We’re gonna go ahead and write that eeprom back to the unit and that will change the VIN.

If you want to do a complete clone you would just write All to the unit.

We are going to select the eeprom and save.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 8

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 9

Here is the original VIN ends in 269.

just writing ECU waiting for connection. We’re going to power off again and on.

Now it’s actually writing the eeprom and if it’s successful

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 10

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 11

When we connect again the VIN number should be different as you see the last four is 2611.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 12

You can also see if the VIN number has changed with Autek IM608.

Got the ECM hooked up to the godiag gt100 breakout box, go to Diagnostic->Dodge->Expert mode->Auto detect new VIN.

Foxflash Gpec3 Dodge 13



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