Launch X431 Pro Elite vs Launch X431 V 4.0

LAUNCH X431 PRO ELITE is 2023 new released all-in-one automotive car diagnostic scan tool, comes with Full Bi-directional Control, 32+ Maintenance Services, OE All Systems Diagnostics etc.  What’s the difference between X431 Pro Elite and X431 V4.0 tablet?

Table 1: Launch X431 Pro Elite vs Launch X431 V 4.0

Item Launch X431 Pro Elite Launch X431 V V4.0
Image Launch X431 Pro Elite Image 1 Launch X431 V
Screen size 8’ inch 8’ inch
Operating system Android 10

Wired connection

Android 9, DBScar4 VCI

DBScar Bluetooth connection

RAM 64GB 32GB (extend to 128GB )
Battery 3.7V/6000mAh 3.7V/5000mAh
Guided function Yes No
New Protocols CAN FD, DoIP Need CAN FD adapter, No DoIP
All system Yes Ye
Special functions 32+ 37+
Supports FCA AutoAuth Yes Yes
Read version information Yes Yes
Bi-directional control Yes Yes
Read & Delete Fault Code Yes Yes
Read data stream Yes Yes
Active Test Yes Yes
ECU Coding No Yes
VAG Guided Function Yes Yes
Compatible with X431 X-PROG3 immo programmer Yes Yes
Compatible with TPMS TSGUN Yes Yes
Compatible with LAUNCH BST360  battery tester Yes Yes
Compatible with LAUNCH VSP600 Videoscope Yes Yes
WiFi printer Yes Yes
ADAS calibration Yes No
HD Module No No
Free update 2 years free update 2 years free update
Price $579 (GL version)

$519 (EU version)


*Pro Elite global version has no Ip limitation.  EU version is cheaper and it works in all European countries. It has IP limitations, cannot be used outside EU.

The EU Version is special for Europe Customers, it is cheaper than Global version.  The packing list of them are same.


In sum:

1.Pro Elite has almost the same function as X431 V 4.0, except ecu coding and less special functions. Pro Elite cannot do ecu coding function.

2.Pro Elite has built-in CAN FD and DoIP protocols, improve hardware parameter, larger RAM and battery.

3. Pro Elite is compatible with ADAS calibration (with ADAS equipment) while X431 V 4.0 does not.

4. Pro Elite is much cheaper than X431 V 4.0.


Table 2: Launch X431 Pro Elite vs Xtool D8

Xtool Pro Elite Vs X431 V Vs Xtool D8

Pro Elite has newer system, larger RAM than Xtool D8.

Update cost is cheaper than D8.

Launch Pro Elite has TPMS solutions with TSGUN, Xtool does not.