Foxflash vs KtagFlash

There is a new Tagflash programmer out. What is the difference between the new Tagflash and Foxflash/KT200 programmer?

Foxflash Vs Tagflash 1


Here is the clue.


1.Foxflash/KT200 and Tagflash are different tools as such so are D-fox and fgtech. They are different companies and have different protocols. There are differences in the updates in the last few years.


2. TagFlash is the clone of fgtech, same as fgtech up to April 2023. Hardware is different from FoxFlash/KT200, the PCB is almost the same as the old Galletto. Hardware is newer version than old fgtech firmware 0386 and 0475.


3. They have different software, you cannot port the fg software onto the Foxflash/KT200. Tagflash software is similar to fgtech. When you look into tagflash software and you will see a fgtech dll file.


4. TagFlash must use gender changer, if forget to use the changer, when read ecu by obd, i.e EDC16U1 you plug in the usb cable and immediately PC will shut down. Must unplug bios battery then PC will start again but tagflash is burned.  TagFlash also needs to use the dongle to work offline.

Tagflash Mini Changer


Tagflash simos 18.10 boot mode not possible, read write pcr 2.1 on bench without modifications, all fine but no eep unlock like kt200/foxflash. also no obd2 unlock on pcr 2.1 like foxflash.



Some other found tagflash missing gearbox protocols. It mainly does engine ECUs. It could read SI208 SID209 on bench without opening It will read dcm7.1b, dcm6.2v via OBD. But less functions like OBD unlock PCR2.1. Tagflash cannot do virtual read. Tagflash will not apply tprot patch when writing edc17c60 psa via obd.

Foxflash is good on both ECU and gearbox. So if you have a fox flash, there is no necessary to get the tagflash. You cannot see any advantages in comparison with foxflash.


7. Check PCB of both devices
Foxflash Pcb
Foxflash bench box PCB
Foxflash Pcb

Tag flash PCB:

PCB is the same as the old Galletto V54, except for the green module (similar to KT200) installed near the LPC.

Tagflash Pcb 1

Tagflash Pcb 2

Bench box pcb

Tagflash Bench Box Pcb