How to Connect Lonsdor JLR or JCD Adapter with Toyota TMLF19T Immo Box?

Lonsdor K518 latest Toyota 8A-BA chip type upgrade requires to use the FP30 (30-PIN) cable.



What happens if you don’t have this cable? What cable can be used to replace the FP30 cable?

1. Lonsdor JLR Connector


The cable is used to disable the active alarm for 2018+ JLR all keys lost programming.

Lonsdor engineer confirmed this cable is also compatible with Toyota new TMLF19T immo box.




2. Lonsdor JCD-1 JCD-2 Programming Cable 

Lonsdor L Jcd 1

The cable set is used on Chrysler Jeep Dodge 2018+ with SGW gateway. When programming the smart key for 2018+ Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles, the connection to the vehicle must be made using the Lonsdor OBD cable and the Lonsdor JCD Chrysler 2018+ star connector cable, which connects to the Jeep Star connector (Chrysler CAN-C connector) located at different locations in the vehicle depending on the vehicle model.


But some users also use this cable on newer Toyota immo box, i.e 2022-2023 Land Cruiser.

Lonsdor L Jcd 2

Lonsdor L Jcd 3

Lonsdor L Jcd 4


Follow pinout here to connect JLR or FCA connector with new Toyota immo box.


D60 Plug: 1.CAN-H 2.CAN-L 6.+12V 30.GND




OBDSTAR also released a 30-PIN cable for Toyota BABA immo type. But did no test with Lonsdor devices. Free to test by your side.

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