How to Use Autel VCI200 as J2534 Passthru for Programming

Autel just sent a new firmware update (version 1.38) for MaxiVCI VCI200 on DoIP protocol.  This VCI200 can be used as a J2534 device.


It is connected along with godiag gt100 breakout box.

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 1Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 2Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 3

Download MaxiPC Suite from and update it. Select VCI as V200

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 4Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 5


1st test:

PCMFlash 1.2.0 protocols stock in pcmtuner usb dongle.

Search for j2534 device and you can see J2534-Autel Intelligent Tech- V200 interface

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 6

Click on identify it is connected and it is able to identify the ECU for me so that means the V200 is working.

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 7

Click on read DTC and you can see the communication going on. It’s done successfully and very quick and it is very fast so you can use this one.


This one is for the km100 so you can use it with any of the auto machines and you can even do online programming with it.

It have make work a bit easier because now you will not be carrying the VCI the big one along and this one also has a DoIP and a CAN FD in it so with this one alone you

can do most of the programming and other things.


2nd Test:

Test Autel VCI200 with ODIS

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 8 

You can see J2534 passthru interface V200

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 9

VCI is connected

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 10

It is connected and it will show it to show here.

You can use it to do the diagnosing.



3rd Test:

use as j2534 passthru for Techline Connect SPS2 programming

it’s detecting the interface on the system

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 11

Autel Vci200 J2534 Passthru 12

4th Test:

Tested working with Ford FDRS, FJDS.

How to Use Autel VCI200 J2534 Passthru with Ford FDRS?




More software free to test by your side.



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