CG FC200 Read and Write Simos PCR2.1 without Opening

CG FC200 adds VAG Continental Simos PCR2.1 TC17 engine ECU read and write very fast.


Here is the PCR2.1 TC1796 pinout to CG FC200.

Cg Fc200 Pcr2.1 Pinout

Update Log:

V1.1.3.0 adds Continental TC17 platform mode PCR 2.1.

-adds Continental TC17 BOOT mode engines: SDI6, SDI7, Simos8.1x, Simos8.3x, Simos8.5x, SID208, PCR2.1
-Fix some PCR2.1 write PFlash failure issues.




pcr2.1 no checksum with fc200, but you can still use it to read and write data.

If you modify the pflash, you need to checksum manually before you write back. otherwise it may can’t ignition on.



If failed to write PCR2.1 flash, replace this file and rewrite your flash.

Cg Fc200 Pcr2.1 Write Flash Failed


1. Open FC200 local file and back up the old file
2. Pull the new file to this folder
3. Restart computer
4. Write flash again software has fixed PCR2.1 write PFlash failure bugs.  No more this issue.



Review 1:

CG FC200 Audi A1 pcr2.1. 1.6 bench unlock without open cover.

Flash size 2,048 kb

eeprom size 8kb.

Cg Fc200 Read Simos Pcr21 1 Cg Fc200 Read Simos Pcr21 2

Review 2:

FC200 Read/Write PCR2.1 on bench successfully

Unlock by rocketdump
Immo off by rocketdump
Checksum by Lsuite

Cg Fc200 Cread Pcr 2 1