Launch X431 X-prog3 vs X-prog3 PC Version

What’s the difference between Launch X-Prog3 programmer and the X-prog3 with PC adapter (X-prog3 PC version)?

Launch X431 X Prog3 Vs Pc Adapter

The major difference will be:

1. X-prog3 PC version VW Audi Porsche ECU Cloning function is in the Data processing section

2. The PC adapter connection is more convenient

3. Data reading and writing speed is faster and more stable (3x times faster than Android tablet)

4. Data processing and transfer on PC are more convenient

5. PC software adds MEDC17 ECUs immo off function.

6. PC version only for ECU and TCU, can not do immobilizer key programming. If need to program keys, use x-prog3 with x431 tablet.

X Prog3 Data Processing

Launch X431 X-PROG3 PC Software User Manual