How to Identify VAG DQ250 Versions?

Is there a way to tell if the VAG VW Audi DQ250 gearbox is a cxx, exx, fxx or mqb version?


Here is the clue.

Every gearbox can have any type of mechatronics tucked in.  looking on gearbox (code) will not give you sure that inside is Cxx or Exx or other.


How to determine DQ250 versions?

The only way to recognize it is hardware number of the TCM.

Here some information about 02E Hardware Numbers assignment:

GROUP “Cxx”   EARLY UNITS all with analog inputs (for speed signal, shift paddles or reverse light control) (used mostly 2003-2004 some of them have additional pins in connector

02E927770 E
02E927770 G
02E927770 K
02E927770 L
02E927770 M
02E927770 AA

GROUP “Cxx”   (2004 – 2006)

02E927770 AD  – replaces all EARLY analog units because can EMULATE analog inputs.
02E927770 AE  – used only on cars from year 2004 which DO NOT use analog signals anymore.

GROUP “Exx”  (2007 – 2008)

02E927770  AJ  – used as replacement for AE, CAN only, no K-Line anymore.
02E927770 AK  – no information nor experiences til now. Very rare unit.

GROUP “Fxx”  (2008 – 2015)

02E927770 AL – replacement for AE, AJ
02E927770 AM – theoretically can be used on some cars which still needs AD, but special software versions are required.
02E927770 AT – replace AL

IMMOBILIZED UNITS used on MQB cars with UDS diagnostic protokoll.
Cannot replace NON-IMMO units, because of bootloader incompatibility.
02E927770 AN
02E927770 AQ
02E927770 AS


The most important rule by cloning is to use EXACTLY the same hardware version and level.


Tools to read/write or clone DQ250 TCU:
PCMTuner (PCM-Flash) (Guide)