Top Tools to Bypass Ford AKL Active Alarm

As titled, here lists some tools and tips on Ford 2016+ smart key all keys lost bypass active alarm.



Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus + Ford AKL Bypass Cable
vvdi key tool plus users have this adapter for all keys lost and it works for them.

Xhorse Ford Akl Cable

Xhorse Ford Akl Cable 3

Smart Key All Key Lost Programming for Following Models:

Ford Taurus 2016-
Ford Mondeo 2016-
Ford EcoSport 2018-
Ford Edge 2016-
Ford Escape 2020
Ford Escort 2018-
Ford Focus 2018-
Ford Mustang 2016-
Ford Expedition 2020
Ford Everest 2016-
Ford Explorer 2016-
Ford Raptor F150 2018-2019
Ford Raptor F250 2016-
Lincoln Aviator 2020
Lincoln MKX 2015-
Lincoln Corsair 2020
Lincoln MKZ 2016-
Lincoln Continental 2016-
Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2020
Lincoln MKT 2020
Lincoln Navigator 2020

Xhorse Ford AKL Bypass cable review



Autel IM508/IM608+ Gbox2

Connect Toyota 24 Cable Gbox 2
You can do it with im508/im608 & G-Box2 just have to do the same kind of dance with battery cables and crap. Autel doesn’t work with xhorse bypass cable. when using autel for Ford akl you need to use the gbox2.

Hook up the gbox2 in series with the obd2 cable and provide an external 12vc source to the gbox2 and proceed with disconnect battery as stated in all keys lost instructions.

Connect a 12v wire (12v power supply) to an extension cord from the inverter. Connected the gbox2 to the obd and the im508. Then just do step by step from what it says. And yes the alarm was active before you started.

Machine gives you instructions. If it’s with alarm active there is a process to wait for ten minutes and you will hear a beep after that you have 1 minute to program the key.





obdstar has good bypass cables for Ford active alarm.

Obdstar dp master can do that with p002 adapter.

Obdstar P002 Adapter

EXPLORER 2017- , F-150 2017-
F-250 2017- , FOCUS 2018-
MUSTANG 2017- , TAURUS 2017-
MONDEO 2017- , FUSION 2017-
RANGER 2017- , AVIATOR 2020
MKC2015- , MKT 2020
MKX2015- , MKZ2015-
All keys lost(no need to repeatedly disconnect/connect battery cables)

OBDSTAR Ford All Keys Lost Programming Manual



Smart pro is the best tool for Ford active alarm .
Smart pro, or wait 10 min with door open and key in ignition. Wait for the honk and you will have 1 min to program key, if you don’t then you have to start again.



People have done several fords with active alarm with auto pro pad lite/full. You just need to open drivers door,put the latch back to the locked position with a screwdriver. Wait 10 minutes with key in ignition,it will honk once and you have one minute to program. You can always have your tablet at the ready to program screen. Works awesome every time.




Xtool & Ford AKL bypass cable

Xtool Ford AKL Alarm Bypass Cable can:

  • Allows you to perform Ford smart key all keys lost via Xtool devices with a VCI Box (X100 pad3, pad elite, H6 Pro, A80 Pro, X100 MAX etc)
  • Optimize the process on Ford smart key all keys lost via Xtool devices without a VCI box (X100 PAD2, X100 PAD3, H6 Elite, D7/D8 etc)
  • Controls vehicle power on/off within a switch on your hand
  • Save you from pulling out battery clips for several times

How to Connect:
1. Connect the main cable to the female obd2 socket of the Ford cable, and connect the tablet or VCI box to the other side of the main cable.2. Connect the male OBD2 socket of the Ford cable to the OBD port of the vehicle
3. Take the battery clip off from the car’s battery and connect the 2 battery clips to the battery
4 There is also a battery clip (read cable with ‘Battery Clip+’ tag on it) on the cable. Connect it to the positive battery clip on the car.

China Ford:
Edge 2016-2019
Explorer 2015-2019
Mondeo 2016-2021
Mustang 2016-2019
Taurus 2015-2021

North America Ford:
Edge 2016-2020
Expedition 2018-2019
Explorer 2016-2019
F-150 2016-2019
F-250 2015-2019
Mustang 2016-2019
Taurus 2015-2019

Europe Ford:
Edge 2014
Galaxy 2015-2018
Mondeo 2014-2020
Mustang 2015-2020
S-Max 2014-2018

Navigator 2016-2019
Nautilus 2019-2020

Xtool Ford Akl Cable

Xtool Ford AKL active alarm bypass instruction



Autel iKey810 

It works great with the ikey820 elite.

It will bypass 10 min on most Ford Models!

Function: Ford 2018-, read Pin code, program keys and delete keys. 128 bite high security All keys lost with active alarm.




There is a much easier way to program these ford’s with active alarm.
Simply, lock door using screwdriver
Put power to J2534 or directly to tool.
Remove battery terminal.
Replace battery terminal.
Wait 10-15 minutes hear 2 beeps.
Then begin programming.
The only thing that this device does is to maintain voltage to tool while battery is disconnected.




Turn the alarm off with the door key pad

Code is printed on the security module on all fords.  You do not necessarily have to have a key turned on to read the door code. turn on flashers to wake the modules up and load vehicle up manually and then go into the bcm and read the code.

It’s in the reverse side of this fuse box/bcm/sjb under the drivers side, left of the pedals.

Ford Key Pad Code