Can Thinkdiag Xdiag Diagzone do FAC SGW Unlock?

FCA (Fiat, Dodge, Chrysler) has introduced security gatway protection in cars since 2018.

Does the Xdiag have the ability to unlock after OBD security getway in the FCA group?

Is possible to enable and FCA/SGW account in order to work with diagzone?

If thinkdiag will work with autoauth for FCA SGW?


Here is the clue.


Thinkdiag: No

Thinkdiag does not work the sgw unlock



Diagzone: Yes

diagzone the latest version works. If you have DiagZone with subscription active you can unlocked easy money.

Diagzone ask for fca SGW account in order to proceed.

with diagzone people have activated the ticket on this site and it works. Enter the credentials and performed the unlock !!

Autoauth License


Xdiag: No

xdiag does not work the sgw unlock

xdiag is dropping, updates do not arrive.



Prodiag: No

prodiag it used to work.




You can buy bypass FCA cable for this.  There are adapter cables in the market for this. Disconnect cables from gateway sgw and connect this to bypass. You can also connect directly to the CAN communication lines after the Gateway and access all the network.


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