Can I Use GM MDI2 with Forscan Software?

Possible to use Forscan Ford/Mazda software with a GM MDI2 clone? Forscan as you can see it can work with a passthru J2534 tool.

Gm Mdi2 Interface

Apart from GDS2, Tech2win, Techline connect SPS2, MDI2 can also be used as j2534 passthru for Forscan.


How to set up Forscan with GM MDI/MDI2?

1.Get yourself a working Forscan software installed.

2. Install GM MDI driver. (Download MDI v8.5.33.154 driver)

3.  To use the GM MDI interface need instal GM MDI Manager, and in ForScan Settings select J2534 Adapter – MDI.

4. Make sure you have drivers installed. Close FORScan after selecting the device & re-open FORScan. If it still doesn’t work, re-boot your laptop.

*Your are at your risk.


User reviews:

1). The MDI is my old faithful, it works almost identical to the J2534 standard, apart from its ALDL implementation and not supporting the unique serial request for tool ID.  The ForScan software works fine with mdi2 and is pretty close to a full on Ford OEM Scantool.

2).  Connected perfectly with GM MDI 2 and functioned well.

3).  on Mazda 6 2019 I use GM MDI2 interface and Forscan, work perfectly. After install gm mdi manager driver, select j2534 adapter as-MDI in Forscan settings.

4). I am a GM Technician, using an MDI2 to connect and have successfully used it to connect to my 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 using Forscan. I can view DTC’s, see modules etc.



MDI2 is not the best option for Forscan, but it works. IDS is different, you need VCM adapter.


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