How to Get Foxflash Chrysler GM Unlock File to Work with HPTuner?

Q1: Will Foxflash unlock and read a L5P GM ECM?

Q2: Will Foxflash Unlock Chrysler Continental CPEG2A?

Q3: Does foxflash have unlock service like hptuner?

Q4: If the fox flash will remove security on the Dodge 2015 and up computers if so can I tune it with HP tuners afterwards?

Q5: Does fox have CPEG2A unlock service so i can work with hptuner?



These are some of the frequently asked questions of foxflash tool regarding Chrysler GM ECM/PCM/TCM unlock.

Here is the clue.


Foxflash will unlock part of Chrysler GM 2015 and up computers. Fox has the unlock service as hptuner.


You can unlock some ECU then tune with HPTuner. Follow steps below to unlock ECU.


How to get a unlock file?

1. Read all with Foxflash software in boot mode, make a full backup.
2. Upload backup file to us (or email fox technician).
3. Fox engineer will send you back the unlocked file. (they normally make patch to you in 24-48 hours in his work time)
4. Write back the file into PCM/ECM/TCM
5. Try using hptuner vcm read out the pcm file then tune it.
6. Use dealer tool to code the VIN and IMMO system
7. Car starts, enjoy. user feedback:

Read out the INTFLASH and EPROM from GPEC2A.
zip the file and send to email INFO@DFB-TECHNOLOGY.COM

Mine took 24 hours to get back. Worked perfect.

Foxflash Unlock GPEC2A 1 Foxflash Unlock GPEC2A 2 Foxflash Unlock GPEC2A 3




Not all Chrysler/GM ECM/PCM/TCM can be unlocked. Always check foxflash ecu list before starting.


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