Read Volvo CEM Renesas R32C with VVDI Orang5 Xprog SMOK?

Are you searching for a programmer for Volvo CEM Renesas M32C family (R5F64524, R5F64525)  to read and write?

Volvo Cem R32c 1

Volvo Cem R32c 2

Here is the clue.


Xhorse VVDI Prog:

R32C R5F64525/24 option is on the list.

vvdi prog will read (sometimes does not read correctly), but does not write. vvdi prog doesn’t support write on this mcu r32c.
Some others have no problem with vvdi prog on volvo R32C CEM, but can read only.

Autel XP400 Pro:

Same as vvdi prog, xp400pro is not good on r32c. People have some problems when reading cem with autel xp400.
Autel and others with this Android platform, can’t rewrite x32c family. You cannot write data flash.  When you use autel IM608/IM508 and try to write it will display message “can’t erase”.




Orange5 is the easiest way.

pinout for orange5 to volvo CEM with renesas r32c. same as Ford BCM.

Orange5 R5f64524kfd Pinout 2

Orange5 R5f64524kfd Pinout

pin from the dump.

Orange5 R5f64524kfd 1

Orange5 R5f64524kfd 2



Original x-prog works perfectly with this one. It has no problem read/write/clone this ecu.

xprog clone cannot read r32c and m32c.
Volvo R32c


i/O Terminal:

do read and write. It works.
io terminal can read/write volvo bcm only if you have pincode.
Ioterminal can read this, but you need to read Dflash (i.e XP400pro) and Ioterminal can extract the pin from the dump and Read/Write.


SMOK Jtag + R32C license:

smok Jtag can help you on that.

Tested work fine for read and write.  About the password, a field for it is filled with FFs and that is ok, click OK and it will begin to read.
A lot of done a couple of CEMs R32C with SMOK JTAG and every time, everything was good. Worked without problems.

also when connect smok jtag first time to cem and read it akes for password in the box already set FFFFFFFFF enterd it and reading no problem did also verify on the files write to cem




Here is the customer’s working experience on Volvo CEM R32c mileage correction and key programming. Just for sharing.  You are at your risk.


Add a spare key Volvo R32C: 

For example:

Car model volvo xc60 from 17/7/2017 half keyless system cem r32c r5f64525kfd.

The roblem solved with the cheapest device that can someone could imagine remote was added successfully without need to dissemble.

Believe it or not, car key is programmed with xhorse mini obd tool it just all you need.

You could use it with key tool max or just with an Android cell phone.

I connect the mini obd a go under volvo and the normal key system. i click ok device connected and ask me if i want backup security data and he ask me if i want continue and the procedure will take 8 hours before click ok i add an additional power supply to the car. and click ok a wait kindly. After one hour and 10% of data decryption he prompt me ” recording location and i click ok he enter programming mode read and save security data an ask to click start button once and put original key then remove it and then put the key to be programmed to the slot and all work is done …
For me it worked from the first attemp if you didnt succed don’t panic .. you have to begin from the begining but this time at first when device prompt you to begin you give it the recording location that the device give it to you in the first access attemp.

Xhorse Mini Obd Volvo Xc60 2017 1

Xhorse Mini Obd Volvo Xc60 2017 2

Xhorse Mini Obd Volvo Xc60 2017 3

For odometer correction Volvo CEM R32C:


The odometer of the car was eventually corrected.
There was no need to work with the CEM! because it wouldn’t help to complete the task.

First, the DIM FLASH-memory correction was performed (PATCH FF -> 00).
Only after that the recorded data in the DIM EEPROM-memory did NOT change to the original value.
obdstar X300 DP plus does everything by OBD (about 3 hours).

The result in the photo.

Obdstar Volvo Cem Odometer