Pinout to Honda Airbag Module R32C R5F64219

What to read, write and reset the Honda Renesas R32C R5F64219 airbag module? Where can i find the connection diagram?


Airbag part number: 77960-TK8-D010-M1

MCU: Renesas R32C R5F64219

Honda Airbag R32c 1

Honda Airbag R32c 2

Orange5: Yes

Orange5 will reset srs for R32C group on Honda SRS, Volvo CEM2, Mercedes-Benz & more others. 

You need to have script for r32c.



Xhorse VVDI Prog:

software V4.7.1 adds Renesas R32C series mcus, including R5F64219.

Here is the wiring diagram to vvdiprog


CGDI CG70: Yes

CG70 will read and write Honda 77960-TK8-D010-M1 part number and R5464219 mcu.

wiring diagram to cg70

Cg70 Honda Airbag R32c


OBDSTAR P50: Need luck

P50 supports Honda 77960-TK8-D010-M1 part number and R54642** mcu. R5F64219 need to test it by your side. Some succeeded some failed. But only read and erase DTC, cannot reset airbag crash.  P50 has wiring diagram in the tablet.

Obdstar P50 Honda Airbag R32c


CPT CarProTool: Yes

CarProTool software version 72.00 adds Renesas M16 series mcu, including  R5F64219.

You can read and clear this module with CPT. They have a diagram for the solder points. They have ready the clear dump file. Takes a bit of work but its doable.

But some reported when programmed clear file with CPT, they have no communication when install module.

They says doesnt work correctly clearing it. Best is to replace mcu.



J-link and ETL: Yes 

ETL works great on this module. You can read/write this module with J-LINK and ETL R5F64219 Eeprom programmer, first option is cheaper.

R5F64219 Pinout

Honda Airbag R32C R5F64219 Pinout