Godiag GT107 vs GT107+ Gearbox Adapter

What’s the difference between Godiag GT107 and GT107+ gearbox adapter?


Here is the table comparison:

Item GT107 DSG GT107+ DSG Plus
Godiag Gt107 GT107 Plus
Supports VAG DSG gearbox
Manual igition
PCMFlash L-Line automatic selection
BOOT cable  and boot pin
CAN H  CANL  K-line communication indicator √(with GT105)
120Ω CAN resistance switching
Take electricity from the car battery
Automatic control power indicator light
120Ω CAN Resistance Switching Indicator
Voltage display
Current display
Users can disassemble the connection cable, which is convenient for users to DIY. or connect a dedicated adapter
Support Gearbox from other brands only some other gearbox Add VCC GND cable, support more gearbox from other brands, BMW, Benz etc


What’s new in GT107+?


1.Adds voltage display. you can know the current operating voltage of the gearbox computer. If there is a short circuit or a wrong connection, the voltage drop is serious and can be used for preliminary judgment of the problem.

2. Add current display. The current display can display the current working current connected to the gearbox computer, which is used to judge the working condition of the gearbox computer.

3. The communication indicator can display the current CANbus K-Line communication status

4. Manual and automatic power switch, 120 ohm switch. There are boot mode cables and probes.

5. Detachable gold-plated DB9 connection interface, users can make professional connection ports by themselves to realize DIY development.

7. Equipped with battery power connection cable. Users can draw power from the vehicle battery.