Launch X431 IMMO Plus vs IMMO Elite vs X431 V+ vs PAD VII

Launch X431 X-prog3 aka GIII is used to program BMW Benz VAG Porsche keys and clone/replace ECU/TCU modules. What’s the difference among Launch X431 IMMO Plus, IMMO Elite, X431 V+ and X431 PAD VII with Xprog3?


Check table comparison below:

Item Launch X431 IMMO Elite

X431 Immo Elite

Launch X431 IMMO Plus

X431 Immo Plus

Launch X431 V+ and X-prog3

X431 V And Xprog3

Launch X431 PAD VII and X-prog3

X431 Pad Vii And Xprog3

Read immobilizer password Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ignition key learning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Benz BMW VAG Porsche key programming Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECU Gearbox TCU Cloning (IMMO Prog) Yes Yes No Yes
Anti-theft password car coverage More More Less Less
Nissan B18 Immo replacement without password Yes Yes No No
Toyota all keys lost (pre-2022) Yes Yes No No
Volvo all keys lost (-2022) Yes Yes No No
Peugeot all keys lost Yes Yes No No
Citroen all keys lost/ module replacement Yes Yes No No
Independent IMMO function for each car brands Yes Yes No No
Basic diagnostic function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Active Test (Di-directional) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special function under each car brands No, no VAG guided function, Renault special function under Diagnostic. Yes Yes Yes
Common Service reset functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guided function No No No Yes
Online programming No No No Yes
Update 2 Years free update 2 Years free update 2 Years free update 2 Years free update

In sum:

  • IMMO Plus has the same key programming and ECU/TCU clone function as IMMO Elite. The difference between these two is that IMMO Elite has basic diagnostics but IMMO plus has full diagnostics.
  • IMMO tablets support newer vehicle immo programming, i.e Volvo pre-2022, Toyota pre-2022, X431 V+ and PAD VII do not.
  • Pad VII supports online programming, others do not.
  • To clone or replace ECU or gearbox TCU with X-prog3, your tablet should have the ability to connect via USB. Launch X431 V+ only connects via Bluetooth, so V431 v+ with G III cannot clone ECU/TCU.

X431 Immo Plus Usb Connection

X-prog3 supports following ECU/TCU cloning function:

X Prog3 Ecu Clone