How to Repair iProg+ Clone if Burn by 12V Power Supply?

Some iprog+ clone are sold saying never power it up with the DC supply and not to connect it via obd2 port else it will burn. How to repair iprog clone power board if buren by 12v external power supply?



Solution 1:

Was able to fix mine finally, had change two capacitors one diode 3 pin and one zener.

Now it read and write on 5v and 3v normally.

Here’s a picture of what changed to make it works again.

Don’t and never power your iprog+ clone with 12v.

Repair Iprog Clone 1

Solution 2:

About the iprog+ power board repair, this is what I have done.

When you remove diode D3 ( pic 1) your board is going to need a working DC/DC inverter ( pic2 ) in my case the inverter chip was ok but, resistors that I marked was not correct. After that I found data sheet of inverter chip and from there I put correct values resistors. Now I can get to 1A of current from inverter and have 10v and 12v. Before that the diode D3 was giving input voltage of power connector directly to exit of inverter.( bypass the how idea of this inverter)

Repair Iprog Clone 2

Repair Iprog Clone 3




iprog main board scheme

iprog power board scheme

EEPROM adapter scheme 

R2-750R UART Mbus BDM scheme


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