Foxflash, Flex or Kess V3 to Read Jaguar MEDC17.9 by OBD?

What device to read and write Jaguar Land rover MEDC17.9 ECU via OBD without removing ECU?


Dimsport: Yes,OBD and bench

Kess v3: Yes, OBD, bench and boot

Flex: Yes, OBD, bench, boot

Software adds Jaguar Land Rover Bosch MEDC17.9 OBD: Read/Write/Checksum Maps

Foxflash: Yes,OBD, bench and boot

MEDC17.9 OBD is in the foxflash driver list.

Foxflash is the cheapest option among these tools.


But if the ECU has OTP protected, you need to do bench or use breakout to do it via OBD on bench.

For example:


OBD on the bench reading the MEDC17.9 with foxflash programmer+ godiag gt100 breakout box. I want to try and write the modified files via OBD after an OBD read. The ECU data that had been corrupted is now all OK.

I have had an interesting case with this ECU MEDC17.9 that had failed and had the OTP block. I read the Full flash via OBD, had the flash modified to delete CAT/AdBlue/DPF and EGR (use a tuning file service). When I got the modified file back, I decided to write it via Bench mode. I did the checksum correction using the original flash and flashed it via Bench mode 100% without any problems. The car is now starting and has no faults whatsoever and drives very well. We had brought it on a flatbed. Another great success with FoxFlash and a bit of experimenting.


Read via obd on bench

Foxflash Jlr MEDC17.9 Via Obd 1

Foxflash Jlr MEDC17 9 Via Obd 2

Foxflash Jlr MEDC17 9 Via Obd Bench 1

Write on bench

Foxflash Jlr MEDC17 9 Via Obd Bench 2

Foxflash bench pinout to JLR MEDC17.9

Foxflash Jlr MEDC17 9 On Bench 1

To read and write use the following driver:
→ TC1793 – JAGUAR
→ MEDC17.9


Some MEDC17.9 enter in Bench mode with another CAN line. If with the previous pinout doesn’t go in bench tricore mode, then try again by connecting it as follows:

Foxflash Jlr MEDC17 9 On Bench 2