Launch X431 Pro3S+ vs Xtool D9 Pro

Xtool D9 Pro and Launch X431 Pro3S+ which is a better diagnostic scanner for mechanics?

Item Launch X431 Pro3S+ Xtool D9 Pro
Image Launch X431 Pro3s Xtool D9 Pro Image
Operating system Android 9.0 Android 5.1
Processor 1.8GHz eight-core Quad-core processor 1.8GHz
RAM 3GB+32GB 2G+64G
Display 10.1 inch 9.7-inch
Camera 5MP(Front), 8MP(Rear) 1024×768 resolution
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz(Dual frequency) USB/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
Battery 7000mAh 3.7V, 10000mAh
OBDI adapters Yes
Car brands 170+ Car Brands


150+ Car Brands


Multi-language 25 Languages 14 Languages
Autovin & scanvin Yes Yes
All-in-One Graphic Data Stream Multi-PID Live Data Graphing IN 1 Screen (15-in-1) Live Data Graphing 8 IN 1
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes
Bi-Directional Control Yes Yes
(PMI) Programmable Module Yes Yes
Power balance test Yes Yes
Online coding Yes Yes
Online programming Yes, Benz/BMW
Offline programming Yes, VW/Ford/Mazda
DoIP Protocol built-in
CAN FD protocol with extra converter built-in
Topology Module Mapping Yes Yes
Service functions 50+ 42+
Refresh Hidden Functions Yes Yes
Guided Functions


Yes Yes
Videoscope With optional VSP-600 With XV100
Immo key programming With X-prog3 With KC501/KC100
Heavy duty With HD III truck module No
TPMS Yes, with TSGUN add-on No
FCA Autoauth Yes No
Australian, Brazilian, Malaysian cars Yes Yes
ADAS Yes, need ADAS equipment Yes, need ADAS equipment
Battery tester With battery tester bst360 No
Update 2 Years free update, $450 per year later 3 years free update, $399 per year later
Price in obdii365 $999 $1,199

In sum:

Both are professional diagnostic scanners for mechanics.

Launch x431 is built the inception on the VCI so if you lose the VCI then you must buy one and shift the account to it. And if you lose that tablet then you just have to buy the tablet and log in your user name and password.

The DBscar can not used as j2534 passthru while the d9 pro xvci does. D9 Pro will do online & offline programming and j2534 programming, Pro3s+ does not. You will need Pro5 and PAD tablets to do programming.

Pro3s+ does not have built-in DoIP and CAN FD protocols, D9 Pro does.

Launch allows you to add heavy duty module, TPMS TSGUN and battery tester, d9 pro does not.

Launch X431 update cost takes more than xtool. D9 Pro has one more year free update which save you a lot.

Depends on your need, if don’t need a truck module add-on, d9 pro is your to-go tool.