Top 5 Tools to Read and Write Alfa Marelli MM10JA

What ecu programmer to read and write Alfa Romeo Marelli MM10JA MPC5777 ECU? via OBD, bench or boot mode?

Flex Read Wrote Mm10ja 3

Here top 5 tools are listed.



1). Cheapest option

Foxflash programmer

OBD mode:

The built-in OBD does not working. It does not read the ECU ID nor read/write ECU.

Boot mode:

It works fine in boot mode.

Foxflash Alfa Marelli MM10JA Connection

dimsport pinout works fine with foxflash

Pinout Marelli MJ10A BAM FCA

Foxflash Alfa Marelli MM10JA Connection 1 Foxflash Alfa Marelli MM10JA Connection 2 Foxflash Alfa Marelli MM10JA Connection 3

2). Dimsport 

plugin 953

Dimsport Alfa Marelli MM10JA Connection 1 Dimsport Alfa Marelli MM10JA Connection 2



3). Kess V2:

Kess v2 clone will not read this ECU. Tried through Kess V2 Clone 5.017 with K-Suite 2.47 but there is no such protocol.

Ktag and kess v2 original will read and write this ECU.

Fiat / Alfa Romeo / Lancia Marelli MM10JA SPC5777
– Read: YES
– Write: YES
– Checksum Correction: YES
– Direct Connection: 144300KCAN

Kess V2 Mm10ja


4). Fgtech original can read and write this ecu.
FGtech EOBD2 now supports the Magneti Marelli MM10JA control unit in benchmode. Now you can work on Alfa Romeo vehicles equipped with 2.0 Turbo 200/280HP engine in safety and speed.

Read (2m) and write (1m) total (Flash+Eeprom Internal+External),

Checksum, Clone, Recovery.

List of vehicles:

•Giulia Veloce

•Stelvio Veloce



Flex can read it on bench. Flex has released an exclusive solution for Bench mode programming of the Magneti Marelli MM10JA ECUs installed on Alfa Romeo cars.

This protocol allows the complete backup of the ECU and safe and fast processing. The reading times have been tested at 2 minutes and at about a minute for the writing of the Internal Flash and internal and external EEprom.

New protocols added:

Alfa Romeno Marelli MM10JA MPC5777 BENCH: Internal Flash Read/Write/Checksum, Internal Eeprom Read/Write, External Eeprom 95640 Read/Write, Full Backup ( Clone/Restore ).

Flex Read Wrote Mm10ja 1 Flex Read Wrote Mm10ja 2 Flex Read Wrote Mm10ja 3Flex Read Wrote Mm10ja 4 Flex Read Wrote Mm10ja 5