Can I Use Scania VCI3 with Kvaser CANKing Software?


If Scania VCI3 adapter will work with Kvaser CANKing software (Kvaser lib API)?

Scania Vci3 1

Kvaser is the producer of VCI3 and VCI2.  When you install SDP3 you install Kvaser drivers and libraries.

Some tested working.

Scania VCI3 Adapter With Kvaser CANKing 1

The VCI 3 adapter works with King CAN software.


Bus 004 Device 017: ID 0bfd:0101 Kvaser AB Scania VCI3
I recompiled and installed Linux drivers.
A little bit about Full Chip Scania VCI3 :

Serial Number 7041
Firmware 3.21.486
BlackBird V2 <— reports
82C251 CAN Bus Transceiver
PCB 634-640 V 5.1

Original BlackBird V2 comes with TJA1051T which will support CAN FD protocol.



Scania VCI3 Adapter With Kvaser CANKing Log

One of our customers used Scania VCI 3 with Kvaser CANking over WIFI.


There are many versions of VCI3 clones, the most expensive version- Full chip VCI3 is the best.

Scania OBD pinout. Its standard OBD II port: 4 pin Chassis ground, 5 pin Signal ground.

Scania Obd Pin 1

Scania Obd Pin 2