Launch X431 PAD V and PAD VII Online & Offline Programming Car List

Launch X431 PAD VII and X431 PAD V supports online, offline and J2534 programming. Here comes the online & offline programming car and region list. 

Launch X431 Pad Vii Diagnostic Scanner 11

  • Online Programming: Downloading the newer data from the online server and reprogramming it to the ECUs.Updating data and upgrading ECU software version.
  • J2534 Programming: Working together with SmartLink VCI (J2534 pass-thru device) to perform J2534 programming.
  • Offline Programming: Program adaptive data for certain ECU modules after repair.
Number Brand Region Programming Function
1 Mercedes Europe China + Aboard
2 BMW Europe China + Aboard
3 BMW Brilliance Europe China + Aboard
4 Mini Cooper Europe China + Aboard
5 VW Europe China + Aboard
6 Audi Europe China + Aboard
7 Jaguar Europe China + Aboard
8 Land rover Europe China + Aboard
9 Porsche Europe China + Aboard
10 FAW-Volkswagen Europe China + Aboard
11 Shanghai Volkswagen Europe China + Aboard
12 Skoda Europe China + Aboard
13 Seat Europe China + Aboard
14 Renault Europe China + Aboard
15 Nissan Asia China + Aboard
16 Subaru Asia China + Aboard
17 Hyundai Asia China + Aboard
18 Kia Asia China + Aboard
19 Trumpchi Asia China + Aboard
20 Chery Asia China + Aboard
21 EXEED Asia China + Aboard

1. Programming function has not been authorized in Portugal and Spain. 

2.PAD VII supports BMW and Mercedes online programming and offline programming for other car brands listed above.

3. Now online programming function is available in the North American region (US, Canada and Mexico).

4. To enable online programming you need to activate programming feature


Launch X431 PAD VII and PAD V online programming latest year supported (till Dec, 2023).

Mercedes Benz till 2022 year
BMW till 2023 year
Mini Cooper till 2023 year
VW till 2023 year
Audi till 2023 year
Skoda till 2023 year
Seat till 2023 year
Ford till 2019 year
Mazda till 2019 year
Jaguar till 2017 year
Land rover till 2017 year
Nissan till 2023 year
Porsche till 2023 year
Subaru till 2022 year
Renault part of models till 2021 year
Hyundai till 2017 year
Kia till 2017 year
Great wall till 2023 year


*June 2024, some vehicle online programming supports year till 2024, check

Launch X431 PAD V/VII Diagnosis Online Programming Topology Car List [June 2024]


How to Activate Online Programming Menu in Launch X431 PAD V/VII?

5. PAD VII SmartLink C can also be used as J2534 passthru for OEM programming, HDS, Xentry, ISTA, Techstream, GDS etc

Where to Download Launch X431 SmartLink C J2534 Passthru Driver