Mercedes W212 Mileage Correction with Digiprog, Digimaster or OBDSTAR

Which tool corrects Mercedes W212 mileage?


Yanhua Digimaster 3

For easier w212 (none facelift model) digimaster 3 can do directly via OBD, no CAN filter.

Late 2013- 2014 Mercedes W212 facelift models you need to correct odometer and install CAN Filter (EZS nothing). The can filter goes near the cluster.

It can be done with Yanhua Digimaster 3. By the way, take backup from eeprom first.




Digiprog 3 work fine ,
First ESZ KM and seconds dash bord KM change.

If it is full color dashbaord, digiprog3 cannot do it.

If it’s not facelift model (so before 2013) and use digiprog 3 v4.94, then you don’t need can filter/blocker.
But a can blocker is better to use all times, because if dealer reads the EZS it shows same mileage as in tacho, if you don’t use can blocker then EZS shows 999999km.. (but normally dealers don’t read EZS, they only read ‘assyst manager’ when serviced).

To change mileage you need to use option ‘EZS’ in menu of mercedes w212 of digiprog III.. then it blocks ezs and changes tacho automatically.

If you roll back odometer to a lower mileage off last service, its best to delete service history in car. use option ‘assyst manager’. enter ‘744’ days and ‘25000’kms for next service warning, and press ‘V’ when it asks to delete service history.

When you have a diesel it probably gives DPF error in car. and the car will run in emergency-mode, only drives max 80kmh. digiprog can’t reset this. You have to go to dealer or someone else who can reset dpf.

When some other errors turn up in display use the ‘clr error’ option to reset.

no tool will lower mileage on the EZS, but Diagprog3 or AVDI will flash the Sam to fool Star Diagnosis and instead of read the mileage of EZS will show the mileage of dash.



OBDSTAR Odomaster

mercedes w212 obdstar odomaster full changes the mileage without any problem.


if mileage goes back to old value after correction, here is the OBDSTAR engineer solution:

After working on the car’s odometer for 16 km. And then reprogram the meter, the correction is done. You need to walk the car 16 kilometers, and then reprogram it.


Odomaster support mileage correction for following Mercedes chassis.

*If it says unknown software, this version is not yet supported.

Obdstar Odomaster W212