What Tool to Unlock Chrysler Jeep Dodge GPEC2A?

How to unlock FCA Chrysler Jeep continental 2015+ GPEG2A ECU to use hptuner for tuning?  What tool is used?


Here’s the clue.


Hptuner: No
Original hptuners also can’t unlock gpec2a, need send ecu for unlock.
So does the clone MPM tool.



Recent update adds FCA GPEC2 GPEC3 GPEC4LM GPEC2A ECUs.

foxFlash is now able to perform the following operations:

Boot Read

Boot Write

within your documents folder search gpec2a

\Program Files (x86)\FoxFlash Manager\foxflash\DFB Technology\DOCUMENTS\help



When you need unlock some ECU then work with HPTuner, you can contact foxflash technican to get a Unlock file, then do as following, then you can work with the HPTuner.

1. Read all with Foxflash in boot mode, make a full backup.
2. Upload backup file to us.
3. You will recive a unlock file.
4. Write back the file into PCM
5. Try using hptuner’s vcm readout the pcm file then tune it.
6. use dealer tool perform the VIN and IMMO system
7. Car starts, enjoy.

Foxflash Adds OBD Unlock Patch for Chrysler GPEC2 GPEC2A

Here comes the fox flash pinout

CONTINENTAL GPEC2A – FCA, Dodge [ SPC5674 ] Pinout

Connect with the multifunction cable the CNF1 on the pcb.
Use the driver:

Foxflash Fca Gpec2a Pinout


Bibox has a module that unlock the tuning protection for these ecu.

BitBox FCA Petrol Gen2 CAN Module $342

FCA group vehicles (Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat) with ECUs Continental GPEC2 LOCKED, GPEC2A, GPEC3, GPEC4, GPEC4LM

At this moment we support this ECU types:

Continental GPEC2 2013+ MPC5566 3Mb (FID: 20)
Continental GPEC2 2015+ MPC5566 3Mb (FID: 21)
Continental GPEC2A MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 19)
Continental GPEC2A 2018+ MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 131)
Continental GPEC3 MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 18)

It is for bitbox only. Unlock done on int_Flash. Bitbox patch works only for writing by bit box. It is unlocking bootloader, and HP tuner is making it via flash,so cross flashing will brick Ecu.
if you unlock with bit box and try with hp tuners it will brick the ecu.
but some succeeded by trying to update pcm by CDA.


Dimsport transdata

New trasdata will read them.

You can use transdata to unlock them but you have to open the ecu.
Cloning eeprom will take care of immo and Vin.


Flex can read it on boot.
It’s readed in bootmode with Flex (3x1kohm resistor).


The original ktag will do it in boot mode.