Which Tool to Change Ford Ranger Raptor R7F701405 Mileage?

Ford Ranger/Raptor/F150 2019/2020 micro R7F701405 no longer uses eeprom. This type of cluster has no eeprom. Its MCU renesas. How to read data form NEC R7F701405 Spansion if need to change odometer/mileage with data of it? Which tool can do this mileage?

Ford R7F701405 Mcu 0

Ford R7F701405 Mcu 1

Ford R7F701405 Mcu 2

BK2T – NEC 70F34xx – 2012….2014
BK3T – NEC 70F34xx – 2014….2016
GK2T – NEC 70F35xx – 2016….2018
KK3T – R7F701405 – 2018….2020
LK3T – R7F701414 – 2020.



UUPS UPA: not script read R7F7XXXXX.

iProg clone: no script to read R7F7XXXXX.

X-prog: its NOT listed in xprog-m (eldb)

Xhorse VVDI Prog: No, Xhorse engineer confirmed it cannot read this mcu yet

Smelecom: Reads correct and starts to write and fails

SMOK UDS:  SMOK can do this cluster via OBD. if Smok can read the mileage but failed to write, cluster displayed Error on dash. The Smok software will tell you to switch off the engine before writing the mileage, you need to take out the key from ignition switch and wait until all lights on cluster will off, then proceed to the software to write the new mileage. it will succeed.

Ford R7F701405 Mcu Smok

Enigmatool: Yes, it can do this cluster by obd.

CG100: CG100 Prog III claims this processor if it is not secured.

CG100 with BDM+4, in area Progamer, you can see R7F701405 and Diagram pin connection with BDM+4.

r7f701405 is sometimes secured, if you connect pin R7F701405 secured as this diagram and read, cg100 will give notification “not support feature”.


Pinout to R7F701405

R7F701405 Ford Pinout


OBDSTAR Odomaster full or Godiag GD801 Odomaster can do VDO R7F701405 via OBD.

Ranger R7F701405 Obdstar 2

Ranger R7F701405 Obdstar

Review 1:

recently done two, one was 2020 Ranger the other 2021, done by odomaster obdstar.

it can be done with the new update: Ford R7F + 93C86. 2 MIN WORK VERY FAST.

Ranger R7F701405 Obdstar 3

Review 2:

I successfully change Raptor 2020 mileage via ODOMASTER using Ranger R7F701405 2020 Menu

Ranger R7F701405 Obdstar 5

Ranger 2019R7F701405 Obdstar

Ranger XLT

Raptor 2020 R7F701405 Obdstar

Ranger Raptor


Updated: OBDSTAR released new Ford mileage software

Add Ford Expedition 2017, Expedition 2017 SPC5606, Escape 2020 R7F701405, Everest 2020 VDO R7F701405, Bronco Sport 2021 R7F701441, Explorer 2020 full TFT, Bronco 2021 R7F701405 mileage correction

Obdstar Ford Odometer Update 1