2 Ways to Program Renault Clio V 2021 Key with Autel IM608

After the latest updates, Renault Clio V 2021 flip key model was tested and the vehicle was successfully programmed by Autel IM608/IM508. There are 2 ways to program.


Method 1: It can be done online directly with OBD without removing or installing anything from the car. This transaction is Paid and the transaction fee is $8.8.

‼️Note: For transactions made with OBD, “You can enter the same car three times in 24 hours for free, but if the time passes, you have to pay again. ‼️

Autel Im608 Renault Clio 5 Ask For Password

Autel Im608 Renault Gateway Function

Check How to purchase Renault gateway function here

Autel Renault Security Gateway Function FAQ


Method 2: These operations can be done free of charge by connecting the 16+32 Nissan/Renault cable to the Gateway module of the car. (For gateway connection, disassembly is done up to the back of the glove box).

Autel Renault Gateway Adapter 1

Autel Im608 Renault Clio 5 Ask For Password 2

‼️In some models for information purposes, the pin code comes automatically, while for some models, the 28-digit code is taken from AUTEL. Therefore, due to the time difference between other regions and China, the transaction may be delayed to the next day. ‼️