AMT BST Clone Gold Box vs Black Box

What’s the difference between gold ecu bench tool and black bench tool (AMT BST clone)?

Item ECU Bench Tool Golden Box

Ecu Bench Tool

ECU Bench Tool Black Box

Ecu Bench Tool Black Box 1

Offline Yes Yes
Online No Yes
Reset button Yes No
Update No Online No update

Offline Yes

PCR 2.1 No No
Firmware upgrade/downgrade Yes, has a reset button No, no reset button
MED9.1 Yes with correct pinout Need luck with correct pinout
MG1 Yes Yes
MD1 Yes Yes
Ford edc16c34 Not listed, but works with pcmflash pinout Not listed, but works with pcmflash pinout


ECU Bench Tool PCB

Ecu Bench Tool Gold Box Pcb 1 Ecu Bench Tool Gold Box Pcb 2

AMT BST clone black box PCB

Ecu Bench Tool Black Box 2

Ecu Bench Tool Black Box 3


Gold ecu bench tool

Software download offline software works fine.

For now all edc16, MEDC17 and MD1 work flawlessly. very good tool for the price, for bosch ecu better than pcm flash because don’t need dongle or registration.

Gold device works great with med9 vag (med9.1 with Good pinout it work) but nothing on pcr2.1 , no possible to update.

If you go to 10.10.9 then you have a problem open software, you need to downgrade to 10.7.9 to work offline.

You must uninstall new version and install old version.
after with long press reset button with device connected, it start flashing leds and reset device and downgrade the firmware. Then you can work with 10.7.9.



Black bench tool

The black box looks like the original.  The black version in the plastic box has no reset button.

Only black box support The black box is 1 to 1 clone of original. You don’t have any bootloader or any patched dll to work offline, it works just like original in offline mode. The disadvantage is that you can’t roll back the firmware.

The black clone works good on edc16, MEDC17, but vag med9 sometimes report error s1 and s2. You may need a modification.

How to Modify and Update AMT BST Black Box