Free Download Free Programs for IMMO

Here are some free programs for immobilizer without password.

Mega download link

Password:  212136AAA


IMMO Programs includes:
1. AE Tool FULL
2. B-Chip
3. BMW Editor 3.2.0
4. Carsoftware 5.2
5. Dash ECU Teacher
6. Data Explorer Manager Tools
7. ECU Calc 2
8. Ford Connect
9. Ford ECU Licensed
10. Ford Fiesta SIM210 v1.1
11. IMMO 3
12. IMMO Decoding 3.2
13. IMMO Killer 1.10
14. IMMO Nissan
16. Komatsu Time 1.2
17. ME 17.9.7 VAZ Remover
18. Opel Pin Repair
19. Opel VIN decoder
20. PATS
21. Peugeot Code
22. PSA Dump2Pin
24. Renault PIN Extractor 2
25. Renault PIN-Code On Key Number
26. TM100 1.23
27. Toyota 4 DKeyTool 1.2
28. VAG EDC16 IMMO Bypass
29. VAG Eepromer 1.18p
30. Visteon 2.3
31. Volvo ECU 2.3
32. Volvo Synchro 1.4

All Immo Programs

Virus total show this for 90% of the cracked software used with Windows.

For more security  you can use virtual machine.


Auto key programming tools are available here:


Introduction of Some Software:


AE-TOOL  is software for turning off IMMO function, virginize ECU dump, decode ECU, disable EGR, calculate PIN, editing Flash/EEPROM dump file, support many cars ecu.

B-Chip Pin Code Calculator

B-Chip Pin Code Calculator is a mini software for FIAT,Citroen,Benz,Opel,Peugeot,Renault,VW pin code calculator,it can calculate some pin code form dump.

BMW Editor 3.2.0

B-MW EWS Editor is designed to work with factory anti-theft system (immobilizer) EWS. Immobilizer EWS has been installed on the B-MW AG vehicles since 1996.

Car Software v5.2

Car Software v5.2 EPRO Mmicro77 with crack file CarSoftware 5.2 ( immo off, EGR off and hot start fix tool)

Dash ECU Teacher

A program for cars of the VAG group, which allows you to:
1. Bind a new dashboard by ECU dump
2. Change PIN, VIN, checksum and MAC in dashboard and ECU dumps
3. Replace the ECU with transferring data from the old block
4. Enable or disable immo on EDC16 blocks
5. Register keys or erase

Data Explorer Manager Tools

Data Explorer Manager is a useful software which provides important tools and information for cars ECU:

1- ECU decoding, to disable the immobilizer system (IMMO OFF) for different cars made/models, you only need to read bin or flash file from car’s ECU (EEPROM or MCU) by using a serial programmer (UPA-USB prog, X-Prog,….etc) then, run Data explorer manager, select the correct car made/model/ECU ID then open up the saved bin file, click decode button to disable the immobilizer system, save the decoded file to write it back to the ECU EEPROM to get immo off for this car.
2- Data explorer manager provides important technical information supported by pictures for big number of cars ECU.
3- Also use it to manage your important files and programs and link them to data explorer manager for easy accessing and data exploring.
4- Also it has nice map editor. For viewing ECU maps files and other bin or flash files.



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