How to Register Toyota Roomy Key by Mini VCI Techstream?

I got a Toyota Roomy van with one key, the second either remained in Japan.

I’ve been planning to fix this for a long time. And I ordered a key and a mini vci Toyota techstream cable.

Mini Vci Techstream 1

Daihatsu logo key. It was cheaper and more fun.

The key must be new or blank. To register the key you need to prepare a laptop with Techstream installed, a mini VCI cable, an old key and a new key.
I registered with Techstream version 16.20.023.

Mini Vci Techstream 2

Choosing Roomy
Mini Vci Techstream 3
Select the Body module in the list of units
Mini Vci Techstream 4
Select Utility on the left
Mini Vci Techstream 5
Select Add key registration
Mini Vci Techstream 6
The program offers to open one of the car doors and turn off the car.

Then the program will ask you to bring the old key to the start button – if the central lock clicks ok, then the new key. These operations take 30 seconds. – you need to have the keys in direct access. )

Everything, the new key is registered, it remains only to cut a new physical key on a blank.

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