How to Download OBDSTAR App?

What is OBDSTAR App?

OBDSTAR App contains maintenance technicians’ portable database for

  • Car maintenance and repair
  • Motorcycle maintenance and repair
  • Marine maintenance and repair
  • Customer service
  • frequently asked errors/problems solutions

Obdstar App Download

Where/How to Download OBDSTAR App?

Way 1:

Scan the QR Code here to download App.

Obdstar App 2

Way 2: visit OBDSTAR official and download

Once download app, register and login with your phone number and user name.

It’s only available for the Android system at present. iOS will be available soon.

The Engish version should be ready by end of this week. Stay tuned.


This App is amazing!  Very detailed, one thing we can suggest is more immo specific info, like on FCA 12+8 Cable, CAN FD, 16+12 Nissan cable connection locations, eeprom help (immobox/chip location), which moto/boat cables are for immo.
Shaping up to be the ultimate auto/moto/boat tool with excellent info.



The OBDSTAR App can be divided into 5 parts

  • Locksmith/Immobilizer section
  • Motorcycle section
  • Marine Section
  • Dashboard/Airbag/ECU Section
  • Test platform section


In Immobilizer section you can check pin code manually, search the manual remote control programming procedure of each brand, operation video guides, accessory connections and instructions, recent immobilizer updates etc.

Obdstar App Menu 1


In Motorcycle/E-Motor section, you can check manual service reset procedure, check Interactive circuit diagram, read datastream, check operation video, check ECU Pinout, check technical bulletin etc

Obdstar Moto App

In Marine section, you can check manual service reset procedure, check Interactive circuit diagram, check operation video, check manual remote control procedure, check technical bulletin etc

Obdstar App Menu 5

In Dashboard/Airbag/ECU section, you can check airbag reset pinouts, ECU pinouts, gearbox pinouts, BCM pinouts, dashboard pinouts, operation video etc.

Obdstar App Menu 3

In Test platform section, you can check dashboard pinouts, ABS pinouts, radio module pinouts, Air conditioner panel pinouts, operation videos, technical bulletin etc.

Obdstar App Menu 4