Toyota Corolla RAV4 Yaris S6J3001LSJ Mileage Correction Pinout

2018+ new Toyota RAV4/Corolla/Yaris (hybrid and not hybrid) has secured processor spansion mcu S6J3001LSJ. There is also a RH66 chip but the km data is not stored in it.

What tool allows you to adjust the mileage of Denso panels with MCU S6J3001LSJ?

Toyota Rav4 S6J3001LSJ Odometer Correction 2

Toyota Rav4 S6J3001LSJ Odometer Correction 3

Check options below:


1. The cheapest option will be CG100 Prog III or CG100X programmer.


Corolla 2020- S6J3001 MCU pinout to cg100 prog

Cg100 Toyota S6j Mileage Correction 14

RAV4 2019-2021 S6J3001 pinout to cg100

Cg100 Toyota Rav4 S6j3001 Pinout

Wildlander S6J3001 Wiring Diagram

Cg100x Wildlander S6j Pinout

Yaris S6J3001LSJ pinout

Yaris S6j Pinout 2

If need S6J pinouts for other Toyota models, open CG100 software and check.

cg100 will read, modify and write data. If failed to modify data, send original mcu data to CGDI engineer to modify manually (contact




If CG100X fails to read and write mileage on S6J, error “there is not reply, the target chip is locked.” which indicated that the chip is encrypted, search S6J3001 and connect cluster following the S6J Method 2 wiring diagram.

CG100X S6J 1

CG100X S6J 2

CG100X S6J 3

The detailed procedure can be found here

Toyota Honda S6J3001 Cluster Mileage Correction with CG100


Option 2: iProg pro original 

iprog pro original +cardiag script.

The script allows you to adjust the mileage of Denso panels with MCU S6J3001LSJ in Toyota Camry V70, RAV4, Corolla, Altis, Lexus LS, Honda Accord, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Kona Electric (UART) .

The script reads / writes the WorkFlash dump, the built-in calculator automatically determines the mileage.

NOTE: Iprog clone will not do s6j mcu.

Toyota Rav4 S6J3001LSJ Odometer Correction 4

RAV4/Corolla S6J3001LSJ pinout to iprog

Toyota Rav4 S6J3001LSJ Odometer Correction 5


Option 3: DigiProg 4

digiprog4 will do follow S6J mcu mileage correction

  • TOYOTA CAMRY 2018 DENSO (S6J3001LSJ) – programming – Program nr. 114.
  • TOYOTA RAV4 2019 – DENSO (S6J3001LSJ)
  • TOYOTA COROLLA 2019 – DENSO (S6J3001LSJ) – programming via C21 – Program nr. 152.

Digipro4 C21 Cable 93 2




Option 4: Other tools

Xtool, mtool stool cpt ori., SMOK jtag, enigma, dashcoder4 etc.

Dashcoder4 have already new update fusjitsu and spansion just 30/40 seconds.