Top BMW FEM/BDC Clip Adapters in 2023

Special programming clip can be used to connect to BMW FEM and BDC 95128 / 95256 chips without soldering. It also eliminates the stress of trying to hold down the clip while reading and writing the chip, since the clip holds itself in position safely and reliably.

Traditional solution for burning chip needs: First disassemble the chip, then re-weld it back after burning. The operation is very troublesome and very easy to damage the chip.


Obdii365 here listed the top BMW FEM/BDC clip adapters in the year 2023.



Top 1. New Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC Clip Adapter

The safest one- YANHUA FEM/BDC special programming clip is used to connect 95128/95256 chip without removing and soldering the chip when pre-processing BMW FEM/BDC module.

Yanhua Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 1


  • Program FEM/BDC to add keys/all keys lost/change km
  • Clamping fast, safe and reliable, not easy to slip, and has simple positioning
  • Function is as same as FEM/BDC puncture socket, but made easier and more stable with a clip
  • No need to worry the thickness of the paint on the chip
  • Compatible with Yanhua ACDP, CGDI, VVDI, Autel, Xtool, Launch X431 and many other FEM/BDC programmers together


How to Install the Yanhua Clip Adapter?

Yanhua Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 3

Yanhua Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 2

Yanhua Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 5

Yanhua Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 4

Video reference:




Top 2. Classic BMW FEM/BDC Clip Adapters SOP8

This SOP8 clip is a great solution for burning the chip without disassembling the chip, saving soldering time and making flash BIOS simpler and more efficient.

There are many different classic BMW FEM/BDC SOP8 clip socket adapters for around $15. These are common ones.

OEM FEM BDC Clip adapter SOP8

VXSCAN FEM/BDC Clip adapter SOP8

Yanhua FEM/BDC Clip adapter SOP8 (better quality)

Bmw Fem Bdc Clip Adapter


1. Cheap

2. Easy to install, easy to use, no complicated operation is required, just plug and play, convenient for using, save your time and energy.

3. Compatible with multiple ecu/key programming tools.



1. cheaply made and less reliable

2. The clip was easly worn out. need these pliers to fix bios chips on mainboards quite often. Pins from the clip come off the plastic way too easy. So does not have these clip adapters for sale.

Do not forcibly press down when clamping, first open the clip and clip it from the left and right sides of the chip.

When disassembling, please don’t pull it out directly. First separate the clips left and right, then take them out otherwise they will break the tip of the clip.


Connect example, i.e with xhorse key tool plus

Connect Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 1Connect Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 2 Connect Bmw Fem Bdc Adapter 3


Top 3: Autel BMW FEM/BDC Clip Adapter

The Autel AP103 eeprom adapter comes with the xp200/xp400/xp400 pro for eeprom chip read and write.

It is similar as SOP8 clip adapter.

Autel Bmw Fem Bdc Clip Adapter 1

How to connect Autel FEM/BDC clip adapter?

Autel Bmw Fem Bdc Clip Adapter 2


FYI: It is recommended to get the GoDiag test platform as well when doing BMW FEM/BDC all keys lost on bench.

Godiag BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform

Autel And Godiag Platform