PCM VAG MED17.5.5 Unsupported Tprot Solution

Some pcm users may have problem reading VW Audi ecu med17.5.5 with bench module 71 (error image attached below). It gives error unsupported trot version. How to fix it?

Pcmtuner Vw Jetta 1.4 Ecu Med17.5.5 Failed Pcmtuner Vw Jetta 1.4 Ecu Med17.5.5 Pinout 1 Pcmtuner Vw Jetta 1.4 Ecu Med17.5

You cannot do this ECU – it has new protection.
Try in boot mode read password.
Open lid and see if it’s a tricore processor. Then try bsl.
You need a good boot pin connection. however some bootloader or bsl (boot system loader pinouts are simply not available for some ecus. both ecu design and ecu help use dimsport which uses GPT to release it without opening lid. So you need to do a search for a bootloader pinout for the ecu type. If you find it then the bsl module certainly should read it.

MED17.5.5 boot mode is easy with KT200 and Foxflash.
Check the boot pin and instructions here to read and write MED17.5.5