3 Tips to Reset Airbag with CGDI CG70

Here are the operation precautions of the CGDI CG70 airbag reset tool.


  1. Put Module straight and Label up

Cars generally have multiple collision sensors installed in the front and middle of the body, but with the development of technology, some cars have been able to build collision sensors into the airbag computer to more accurately monitor the operation of the vehicle.

Cg70 Airbag Reset Tool 1

What we say putting the airbag module straight (with the label facing up) is to simulate the normal driving state of the car. In this case, the fault code can be cleared correctly, otherwise the light may still be on when the module is reinstalled to car.

Cg70 Airbag Reset Tool 7

2. Do not interrupt operation, save data

When resetting airbag, we must don’t touch the communication harness. If any of the harnesses fall off, the repair will fail, the data will be lost, and the airbag chip will be locked, and the vehicle will not communicate.

Cg70 Airbag Reset Tool 2

When resetting airbag for some cars, CG70 software will read original EEPROM, must Save and backup ori. EEPROM data

Cg70 Airbag Reset Tool 3

3. Capacitor discharge, component protection

After airbag reset/repair operation is done, unplug the 12V power supply of the CG70, then remove the wiring pin cable one by one to avoid data loss due in power-on status

Cg70 Airbag Reset Tool 4

Do not rush to reinstall the repaired airbag computer back to car, and let it stand for five minutes after the power is turned off. The purpose of doing this is to discharge the capacitor to prevent damage to components.

Cg70 Airbag Reset Tool 6