Read VW MED17.1 ECU by VVDI, Ktag, PCM or FC200

What is the best ecu programmer to read VW Audi MED17.1 ECU? What tool to read password and what failed?

Check user feedback below:



1.Xhorse VVDI Prog

vvdi prog has MED17.1 option

Vvdi Prog Med17 1 Ecu 1

Here is the vvdiprog pinout to MED17.1


But sometimes it failed to read password

Vvdi Prog Med17 1 Ecu 2

Vvdi Prog Med17 1 Ecu 3



2. Autel XP400/XP400 Pro

Trying to read the info from a MED17.1 ECU. I’ve tried Autel XP400. It cannot read the password.

Autel Xp400 Med17 1 Ecu 2

Autel Xp400 Med17.1 Ecu 2


3. Ktag

Yes, ktag original and clone ktag 7.020 works good on this ECU

Ktag Med17.1 Ecu 3

Ktag Med17.1 Ecu 2

Ktag Med17.1 Ecu 1

4. PCMFlash

Bosch MED17.1 is easy on bench module 71.

Pcmuner Med17 1 Ecu 1

If update the TPROT Version, you cannot read it on bench. PCMtuner can read fine in module 53 BSL, and also ID/write OBD …Just fine.

Read security Tprot for MED17.1 there Audi Skoda and VW read complete success using boot solution.

the possibility read and write has been tested and it is level 10 security.

Pcmuner Med17 1 Ecu 2

Pcmuner Med17 1 Ecu 3

5.KT200 or Foxflash

Both read MED17.1 easy on bench

Kt200 Foxflash Med17.1

To read and write use the following driver:
→ TC1796 – VAG
→ MED17.1



6. FC200

CG Fc200 reads and writes smoothly this ecu.


7. Flex

FLEX in boot mode can ID and connect but it cant read password.