Free Download Xentry Passthru 22.12.3 Torrent for Openport 2.0

Free download Xentry Passthru 22.12.3, DTS Monaco, Vediamo, WIS, EPC for Tactrix Openport 2.0 (Windows 11Pro)

Credit to Xeon1 from MHHAUTO

Xentry Passthru For Openport

Xentry Passthru 22.12.3


Release Year/Date : 2022

Version : 22.12.3

System Requirements : Minimum:

Intel Core2Duo, 4Gb ramm, 200Gb HDD

Recommended and Above:

Intel I5, 8Gb RAM, 230Gb SSD

Additional System Requirements:

MBR/Legacy bootloader.

Unfolded assembly weight 176Gb

Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present)


Description :

Xentry 2022.12.03


Vediamo 4.02.02 with Passthru interface for CBF

DTS Monaco 8.16 with Passthru interface for SMR

WIS Standalone 07.2021

WIS 10.20

EPC 11.2018

Starfinder 2016

Star finder 2020


Author’s note:

This build is designed to be fast, easy, and hassle-free on the widest possible range of x86 computers with a high degree of compatibility. Statistics show an extremely low failure rate, and this is mainly due to problems with the PC on which the image is installed. Before installation, check the PC with any stress tester, HDD for errors in its operation, and also test the RAM using Memtest.

Keep in mind that Passthru is primarily used as a vehicle testing program. Use the block firmware functions only at your own risk.

The assembly is ideal as a personal diagnostic tool for home use without the significant expense of purchasing an expensive multiplexer.

DO NOT USE ANY FIXES, OPTIMIZERS, IMPROVEMENTS, etc. The system is fully optimized and does not require any additional actions. You perform any additional actions on the system on your own conscience, understanding the risks of a system failure.


What is NOT in the assembly:

– Passthru Truck Ceasar. Disabled at manufacturer level Xentry

– CBF interface in DTS Monaco for PartJ. Disabled PartJ support at manufacturer level DTS

– SMR interface in Vediamo 4. No Vediamo support at manufacturer level

– XUS online. For today, only pre-installed XUS works until a certain date. The build was released after XUS was blocked by the manufacturer. Use an alternative to SWFinder.

– Any certificates. Certificates are purchased separately from competent persons.

– Preinstalled DTS Monaco projects. Everyone uses their own projects, it makes no sense to add too much.


Activation and configuration:

– The image allows you to perform activation and configuration yourself. IS FREE!!!

– Additionally, auxiliary software, calculators, flash drives, projects, etc. are provided.


Add information :

– For GPT/UEFI, you will have to convert MBR to GPT

– Acronis 2021 does not work with all m2 disks

– The assembly has full functionality at the time of copying. If you have problems after installing ON YOUR PC, look for the problem in your PC, drivers, computer hardware, etc. Pay special attention to chipset drivers, they greatly affect PC performance.


– Use a hard drive with a capacity of at least 20% larger than the installed image to give you some wiggle room when installing add-ons and other updates.

– Try to avoid installing on a PC with an UltraHD screen. Some programs do not support screen scaling.

– The assembly is set to work with OpenPort 2.0 by default. If you are using this plexor, there is no need to install drivers. If you are using another plexor, uninstall the OpenPort 2.0 driver before installing the drivers- Deploy the image only with Acronis 2021, it is included in the torrent distribution inside WinPE

– To install the image, prepare a 6Gb flash drive for WinPE installation ( Acronis 2021) and an external HDD for the image ( 125+ Gb).


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